Cryptocurrency and ICO news 03.10.2018

Binance Labs invested millions in startup

Binance Labs has reportedly invested millions of dollars in decentralized digital content ecosystem Contentos.

Binance Labs is an initiative that seeks to support early-stage blockchain and digital currency projects and entrepreneurs by making direct investments, as well as mentoring and providing technical advice to projects.

Binance Labs made a “multi-million” dollar contribution to decentralized digital content ecosystem Contentos, but the exact amount of secured investment was not disclosed.

Within the investment project, Contentos will reportedly develop a decentralized ecosystem, which it says will offer transparency and monetization of content, without third-party censorship or removal of content.

Earlier that month, Zhang suggested that if the ICO bubble bursts, it would be a “good thing for the industry.” She said that current valuations are “high and unreasonable” and that truly valuable products will only come into fruition once the market evens out.

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