How to promote ICO on the YouTube channel

Creating an ICO and making it a success on YouTube is always a bit tricky. That’s because the competition is fierce. So you really need to know what you are getting into and that can be very challenging. Social Boss will allow you to boost your ICO promotion on YouTube fast and easy. But you can start the process yourself with a few things.

Use influencers

One of the best ways to make it on YouTube is to boost your ratings and views with influencers. That does mean paying them to feature your products. Those influencers built an audience, so you really need to find a good way to promote stuff at the right level. It’s a great and consistent approach, one that does tend to pay off more often than not. Try to find influencers that suit your industry and it should work really well.

Pay for ads

You can create a video or two and then make them as ads. Pay Google for promoting them on YouTube and your ICO will have plenty of exposure. The idea is to constantly boost how you promote your stuff and the ROI can be among some of the best every time. Just remember about consistency and value, avoid any sense of rushing and work hard to complete this with the right system in mind.

Start your own YouTube channel

This is a great idea because it makes your ICO project more legitimate on YouTube. You need to post informative videos about the ICO, what you offer, and it’s a good idea to show your team. There are lots of ICOs that seem like a scam, so you need to show off that there are real people working here, qualified people that can help bring in a good value. If you’re unable to offer that, then there will be a problem and that’s what you want to avoid here.

Start an affiliate system and approach YouTubers to cover it

Such an approach works great too. The idea is that you want to start the affiliate system so YouTubers can gain a bit of money from promoting your stuff. It works great for everyone and it’s definitely a system that you need to consider using again and again. You do need to make some adjustments to it more often than not, but it will totally work.

In the end, YouTube promotion can be great for an ICO. After all, thousands of videos get uploaded on the platform and people spend a lot of time on YouTube. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to offer great YouTube promotion and the experience will indeed shine all the time. Make sure that the content and videos you post are unique and they will work quite nicely. Don’t shy away from approaching influencers either, it can be a really good idea especially if you have a new ICO. Show your legitimacy and you will be more than fine!

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