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The volume of the world toys market is estimated at $ 87.4 bln and is growing constantly. In Russia, according to the national statistics bureau Rosstat, market volume is $ 2486 mln. Considering the opportunities for expanding the project, potential for the product growth is significant.
The toys and games market is stable, as child’s education and development are usually of primary importance for parents and make a significant line in a family budget. This is especially true about Russia, where serious attitude towards education is natural and very common. Here is the fact: even in 2014, the crisis year, the market grew up 21%.
Yohocube product best fits the segment of educational toys. In Russia, its volume reaches 387.5 mln. dollars (data from year 2015). Overall, the share of intellectual games, riddles, puzzles is definitely going up, making toys manufacturers follow the trend.
To be more specific, according to Euromonitor’s Int. report, segments of construction sets, hobby and art products are growing fastest of all. In 2014-2018, CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) makes from 3 to 6%.

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