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Jun. 25, 2018




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Crypto is extremely volatile. Investors are often victims of currency manipulation, with few options to spread their portfolio into more stable assets. Welltrado solves the problem by connecting 4500+ P2P investment platforms into a single network, making over 1 million investments available to the Crypto Community.

he P2P investment market is a market that is currently experiencing explosive growth. The global market volume reached €109 billion in 2017, with no sign of slowing down.

This expansive growth has presented three major problems:
1. Difficulties in diversifying and managing investments
2. Issues with transparency and reputation
3. No entry for cryptocurrency and lack of crossborder transactions.

Welltrado propose three solutions to them:
1. Cross platform loan aggregator with ratings and blockchain
2. Crypto P2P fund for global cross-border investors
3. Portfolio management across investment platforms in a single

We believe that this toolbox of solutions is a win for all.
The Crypto Community will gain unprecedented access to a decentralized and stable asset class. The large risk-averse institutional investors will get a method to trade the high volumes they seek. The retail investors will benefit of a large amount of assets formerly inaccessible to them.

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