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Refereum telegram group became the largest ICO telegram group with 100000 members.

Idea and Token

A new referral gaming marketplace called Refereum is created to reduce the costs of selling and marketing games by directly rewarding individuals for sharing games and embracing influencer sites. The idea is to replace the inefficient process for video game marketing and expensive traditional payment methods.
The proclaimed solutions of Refereum are as follows:
– Developers can improve their marketing campaigns.
– Influencers can monetize their following.
– Even the average gamer can share in the token economy just for doing what they love.
RFR token is designed to enable decentralized referral marketing and cash rewards in a global marketplace. Any users who share referral links for specific games with friends and followers can earn RFR tokens, which can be traded for cash or used to buy new content.
The tokens will have three main use cases on the Refereum network. Customers can buy games on using RFR tokens, and verify these purchases on the blockchain. Game developers can pay in RFR tokens to feature their game on the marketplace and get more traffic. In addition, the sellers can pay for listing their products for distribution by paying with RFR tokens.


The core of the team used to work in popular gaming companies such as EA, IGN, Zynga, Ubisoft, Google and others. The cryptographers are also experienced.
Unfortunately, though the moderators in say Telegram group are active it might take some time to get the feedback via the official webpage intercom. We do hope the support will perform better when the ICO time comes.


The Refereum white paper as long as the roadmap is not in-depth, making sense that some of project’s features are not yet announced or things may come not as planned. That makes complicated predicting the certain success.
Although, the referral model looks promising and we will certainly watch for the future news for Refereum to arrive and bring the declared innovations to gaming market.

Referral marketing is the most effective conversion tool to acquire new

customers,, but untrustworthy actors and expensive micro-ppayments have

blocked its ability to scale.. This is nowhere more apparent than in the gaming

industry. The video games industry is $1109B and growing at 6% annually.

In recent years,, the number of gamers has exploded — today, 2.2B people play

games,, making it the single most popular digital entertainment content on any


Inevitably, social platforms like YouTube and Twitch have created strong gaming

communities, and infuencers and streamers now command promotional power

and unprecedented reach. The top 10 infuencers have an audience of 242m, double

that of the recent Superbowl audience.

Gaming is now a booming professional sport (i.e. “eSports”) with the highest growth

in the industry. International “ssupergamer” competitions can fll stadiums that rival

those that host traditional premier sporting events. The 2016 International Dota 2

Championship, the richest eSports tournament had a prize of $221m, double that of

The Masters. Professional gamers are fundamentally changing the market dynamics

by bridging the private gaming world and the public sporting arena..

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