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Apr. 15, 2018

May. 15, 2018

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Kairos is developing an AI-based solution that uses machine learning and computer vision for face recognition in videos, photos, and the real world. The technology allows businesses to analyze how people interact with their company, brand or product, and use the data to find out the business effectiveness and points to improve. The features include face detection, face recognition, face verifying, detecting emotions, measuring level of attention, defining age, gender, ethnicity, etc. Kairos is planning to migrate their database to a blockchain architecture to allow customers to form cooperatives, to share, and collectively leverage the database. The company offers APIs and SDKs for developers so that they could integrate their code bases with the face recognition technology and customize the features for their needs. As they say about themselves, they are “now democratizing access – enabling anyone to protect their anonymity and control access to their identity.”
Kairos will present two kinds of tokens – security and utility ones.
The security token will convert into a class of Kairos shares. That class of shares will have an ownership stake in Kairos, those shareholders will be listed in the Kairos capitalization table and those shares will include certain quarterly information rights. By default as there are fewer exchanges on which security tokens trade, the utility token may trade on more exchanges than the security token.
The utility token will not convert into a class of Kairos shares. It will allow users to opt in to sharing personal information (for example, Facebook data) and be paid for surveys, or anytime a business is requesting their identity, both online and offline. This way brands will pay to access pools of users, and the revenue will be shared via rewards.
Hard cap is 300 million utility tokens, 150 million will be distributed on the ICO.


The core team consists of 12 members including 4 top managers and 6 specialists in product engineering. The company CEO Brian Brackeen founded Kairos in 2012, has strong development and leadership experience, previously worked for Apple and IBM. The company website contains short information only about the four members of the executive team (all of them have real LinkedIn profiles) and nothing about the rest people. We also couldn’t find information about their experience in blockchain or blockchain engineers in the team. They have 3 advisors. We recommend that you pay special attention to these points as they seem suspicious.


The Kairos project makes dual impression. Judge yourself. They emphasize that Kairos is a working business with a working product, that they are not a startup, and this is true. Since 2012 they gained such customers as IBM, Volvo, Yamaha, Amway, BBC, Ikea, NEC, LG, PepsiCo, Legendary, and many others. The global facial recognition market is currently estimated at USD $4+ billion and is driven by the surveillance industry and governments. The idea, though not a unique one, is universal and suits almost any business. All these facts prove the company is really successful, with bright future and ways for further development. On the other hand, among their competitors we see Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, though Kairos has presented a feature table with clear comparing of the competing products, and Kairos looks preferable. Also take into account an unclear information about the team and a lack of blockchain-related experience.

Kairos is a working successful business with a long list of more than solid customers, a working product, and a technology providing enterprises with plenty of information about their customers and therefore helping them to grow. The only doubt is in their ability to move into the blockchain technology.

Kairos is building the future of identity utility, powered by state-of-the-art face biometrics and blockchain technology.

By enabling individuals to take control of their identities and secure them on our Blockchain, Kairos is pivoting the power of identity monetization from corporations, to consumers.

With best in class face recognition, Kairos is trusted by businesses across the planet, and is now democratizing access – enabling anyone to protect their anonymity and control access to their identity.

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