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Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the advanced technologies of the XXI century. Smart TVs are of no wonder anymore, the sensors automatically turning lights on and off when you are around are becoming more and more usual, smart fridges, washing machines, and the devices automatically measuring and regulating air condition at home are on the way. All 5g networks will support IoT as a basic function. According to Gartner Research, the number of smart homes will reach 500+ million by 2020. HighIoT is aiming to resolve one of the key issues of IoT – vulnerability to malware and hacker attacks. The HighIoT team is working on creating a security protocol to protect smart homes, smart offices, and smart cities. Their main product is Akita, a small device that is connected to a LAN port of your router, scans your network and notifies you once a threat is detected. Akita doesn’t affect the network speed anyhow. It is compatible with most of IoT devices and controlled with its own mobile application. Akita is connected to a blockchain-powered network, HighIoT Cloud, which can be used to request services from the HighIoT team and a community of developers to customize your Akita specifically for your house. You can also purchase immediate solutions to patch your Akita device software.
Their ERC-20 utility token called HIT is used to perform all transactions in the ecosystem, including purchasing intelligence solutions, guidance, and technical support. A total supply is 10 billion tokens. The token distribution is as follows: 48% – long-term fund, 25% – sale, 15% – team, 12% – advisors, bounty, referrals, and partners.


The HighIoT solution was developed by a team of professionals with an extensive background in the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) cyber unit. The company CEO and co-founder Eran Yarom has a huge experience in in video security solutions for telecommunication companies and service providers. The rest five team members have a background in software development, large scale systems, online media, cyber security, and investments. They also have 7 advisors, specialists in cyber security, software development, and even a PhD. The team looks very professional and doesn’t raise any doubts.


5g networks and IoT are definitely our nearest future. HighIoT is one of the first ICO projects on this growing market and therefore has all advantages of a pioneer, though the risks as well. HighIoT is based on an existing MVP and led by a professional team. At the same time we shouldn’t forget that IoT is not widely spread, therefore a long-term perspective of the project is more positive than a short-term one. One more thing to pay attention to is the number of tokens to generate. 10 billion is too many and can decrease the token price in the future. The rest components of the project make exceptionally positive impression.

A project targeting state-of-the-art, yet still very young, IoT market and performing a simple and important function of protecting your smart home or office from informational threats, such as malware or hacker attacks.

HighIoT Ltd was founded in November 2016 as a response to the DYN attack (oone of the biggest DNS Service Providers in the world). HighIoT is headquartered in Israel and is a market-leading software company, specializing in the “Smart Home Security as a Service” domain since 2016. HighIoT enables international service providers such as AT&T and others to provide Smart Home and IT device cybersecurity services.

Akita – a product based on the HighIoT system has already been developed. Akita uses military-grade security protection

that’s been retroftted for homes and offices: automatically detects network devices, analyzes network traffc, detects intrusion in real-time and neutralizes problematic devices and has collected $9900k on Kickstarter, with 10k units sold, confrming demand for HighIoT and its’ unhackable security solution. HighIoT on Blockchain protects home/ccorporate IoT devices by creating location specifc behavioural profiles, Big  Data analysis, Machine Learning and 24/7 live monitoring by IT experts..

Blockchain is required in the HighIoT ecosystem for the following reasons:

To build an IT expert Developers community to monitor hacks live 24/7 and incentivise them by paying for profle building and attack prevention, offering transparency of payments by a smart contract mechanism. The  Developers community will build and maintain the HighIoT Profles Database and apply and support Military Grade Security and Privacy for your Smart Home or Corporation 24/7 and improve as time goes on.

To enable Internet service providers, insurance companies and HW manufacturers to use HIT tokens to access the “HighIoT Profles DB”.

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