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GCR Systems is planning to create a network with GCR Token as its official Currency with possibilities shortly described in the following. With GCR Tokens you can either purchase, sell or offer free of charge your products, intellectual property and services on our exchange platform or offer e.g. your knowledge, calibration data, publish your research and much more on our chemistry database. you will also have the privilege to upgrade your status by registration as a licensed retailer to benefit from discounts

Our goal is to offer powerful, inexpensive and compact Lab Automation Systems as a good alternative to bulky and overpriced commercially available systems. As we are reliant on the assistance of our supporters we want to provide our products for unrivalled prices by excluding past and future development costs intentionally from the final product price. First checkpoint will be reaching the Soft Cap. At this point we aspire the market launch of the Automated Synthesis Apparatus in the basic version.

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