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Apr. 17, 2018

May. 17, 2018


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Idea & Token

Eligma is creating a decentralized platform-aggregator on market of online shopping and e-commerce. In 2016, retail online sales reached $2.3 trillion and are estimated at 4.48 trillion in 2021. This huge and highly competitive market produced millions of online shops worldwide. Such diversity is hardly convenient for end users that have to create separate accounts for each online platform, provide their payment information, compare prices, shipping terms, etc. Eligma is suggesting a single unified platform allowing a user to have a single account and use it to compare goods across online stores, their prices, to buy and sell products and services.
Eligma is building its business with the following key services:
Discovery: This service is built on the feature of a single account for multiple stores. Eligma will create a deep neural network-based engine that will analyze the account and recommend the best products for each user individually.
Inventory: It’s a kind of trading agent that uses AI predictions, estimates current value, and then gives you recommendation when is the best time to sell your products that you registered on the platform.
Universal Loyalty: It’s a unified loyalty profile for each user gathering value from existing loyalty points from different stores and converting them into ELI tokens. Eligma has established partnership with the world’s leading product data provider IceCat NV from the Netherlands and will use their database that was collected since 2001.
Eligma does not have an MVP and plan to provide it only in August 2018. For the moment they have demonstrated crypto payments integration and mobile wallet.
Their ERC-20 token called ELI will be the main currency on the platform, though other cryptocurrencies and flat will also be accepted. Users will have discounts when they pay with ELI tokens and use them for a number of value-added services. A total supply is 500 million tokens, 60% is for ICO, 19% goes to the team, 5% – advisors, 16% is for future partners and community and user growth.


The company founder and CEO Dejan Roljic is a serial entrepreneur, founded ABC Accelerator, invested in more than 80 startups from around the world, was an advisor for several blockchain-based projects. The entire team consists of 29 professionals, most of which are developers, including blockchain developers, as well as specialists in machine learning, marketing, PR, business building, communications, and designers.


The idea, though not a new one, is excellent, thoroughly thought-out and being executed by a strong team that have won the award for the best pitch at the Crypto Summit 2018 in Switzerland. Taking into account professional approach to solving the problem, you shouldn’t forget that the team doesn’t have a product yet. This is the main disadvantage of the project. It is partially compensated by a number of developers in the team. One more challenge we see is expanding the business in other regions. Anyway investors do believe in them and it was proved by the fund they obtained in the very beginning of the project when co-founders were gathering the team. The presale also shows readiness of investors to trust the team.

A promising project aiming to aggregate millions of online stores to build a unified e-commerce platform for end users.

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