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Idea & Token

Dream is yet another project on the freelancing market aiming to make a marketplace to connect employers and workers. This is an ecosystem where every project that uses Dream contributes into their AI solution called Dream Builder. The AI engine will help entrepreneurs build a team once they have an idea of a new business, to get qualified answers to their questions, and validated solutions. Dream that was previously called Moneo has had $8+ million of job postings, 6,000+ development hours and a tested and proven bitcoin escrow payment system. Unlike the market leaders as Upwork and Fiverr, Dream focuses first of all on blockchain-specific specialists. One more difference is their reputation platform called Dream Reputation. This mechanism analyzes outcome of the projects build by using the platform and then provides recommendations for workers. Moreover, the contractors won’t have to build a reputation from scratch, they will be able to import their current ratings and reviews from the current platforms. This will significantly simplify the process of joining the Dream platform.
Their utility token called Dream will be used to hire talent, buy premium services, and as a reward for community members that participate in AI engine training and help the platform to grow. Other platforms such as fundraising or legal will have an ability to offer their services in Dream tokens. A total supply is 100 million tokens. The distribution is as follows: 60% – sale, 10% – rewards pool, 9.8% – advisors, 8% – founders, 4.7% – team, 4% – rewards program, 3.5% – reserve.


The team is very well balanced and consists of 2 co-founders, 9 developers, and 6 people in the marketing team. Richard Foster, the founder and CEO of Dream, has more than a decade of experience as a Cisco CCIE freelance network architect, as well as founded and raised funding for financially regulated payments company. The advisory board is also impressive. Fully packed with top technical specialists, the team includes blockchain experts, people from the Ethereum core developer team, and PhD-s.


The idea is not new, but firstly – it is thoroughly thought-out, and secondly – the team have already reached success on the previous step, with a project called Moneo. They are resolving the reputation issue. Unlike other competitors demanding significant fees for using the platform service and locking their reputation points on the platform, Dream allows contractors to transfer the reputation and therefore simplifies the platform adoption. Add here other features such as AI-generated recommendations both for contractors and workers and helping create entire teams ready to perform your specific task. Anyway, the main challenge is in the serious competitors like Upwork and Fiverr that already took their place on the market.

A very promising project with an excellent thought-out idea and an experienced team that already proved the ability to create successful projects in the same sphere.

Dreams drive our world—disrupting industries and unlocking new economic opportunities. Dreams are made possible by the confluence of thought leaders and the right talent.

Too often, projects fail because dreamers don’t know where to start—wasting time and resources. This could be easily avoided with the right guidance and team.

The reputation of talent and the success of past projects is locked into closed platforms and isn’t intelligently used to build the future.

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