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Do you remember that fantastic story about the Go match between 18-time world champion Lee Sedol and AlphaGo, a computer program? Of course you do, and you do remember that the program won, though it was considered impossible. One of the keys to the success was in the machine learning technology. Decentralized Machine Learning (DML) is a project aiming to bring this technology to a new level by developing a blockchain-based decentralized machine learning protocol. They will build a developer community and encourage the developers to compete with each other on algorithms in a shared marketplace called DML Algo Marketplace. If the idea works the competition will lead to creating more and more efficient and faster machine learning algorithms. To run the learning algorithms, DML will use private data from devices while keeping private individual data protected, and idle processing power of billions devices. The idea, if successfully implemented, will allow businesses to utilize the brand-new algorithms and will provide communication across blockchains to get a multi-chain blockchain protocol.
DML token is an ERC-20 utility token that will be used to pay users for providing access to the data and processing power for the machine learning algorithms. The community developers will be rewarded with the tokens for creating new machine learning algorithms, and the algorithms will be sold to businesses for the DML tokens as well.
Total token supply is 330 million DML. 54.2% will be distributed to public (including 36% for sale), 19.5 will go to the team, advisors, and early contributors, 15% will be reserved, and the rest is for partners, marketing, and PR.


The DML team consists of 9 members and almost all of them are high-skilled experienced technical specialists – blockchain developers, software developers, and engineers. The project’s leaders are Victor Cheung and Michael Kwok, each of them has previously founded two tech companies. Victor Cheung has extensive experience as a blockchain and software developer, also has an MSc in Computer Science from HKU. Their solid team of advisors include 6 professionals in machine learning, blockchain, and big data, two of them have PhD.


It’s predicted that by 2020 the machine learning industries revenue will exceed $210 billion. Many IT market monsters as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google invest hugely into development of the machine learning technology. Returning to the story about the Go match, the AlphaGo program was developed by Google DeepMind. The idea of DML to create an open source decentralized platform to encourage developers to contribute into the machine learning technology will definitely accelerate innovations in this sphere and give businesses both brand-new and improved algorithms. DML has already made the first important step to the goal – they’ve launched a working prototype of their DML Protocol. The idea is straightforward, the hype behind the machine learning technology is huge, and the team is excellent. All in all, the project is very promising and is definitely worth your attention.

A strong project standing a step ahead of its competitors and aiming to put the machine learning technology on a decentralized basement.

DML infrastructure will apply on-device machine learning, blockchain and federated learning technologies. It unleashes untapped data usage without extraction and idle processing power for machine learning. Algorithms will be crowdsourced from a developer community through the marketplace resulting innovation from periphery.

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