Decentralised virtual spaces and governance for AR content.


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Apr. 2, 2018

Jul. 31, 2018




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Powered by Ethereum smart contracts, BigchainDB, IPFS and traditional web technologies, the foundation of Bubbled’s decentralised AR cloud revolves around the ownership of virtual spaces tied to real world locations. Akin to website domain registration, Bubbled is building a decentralized virtual land register where participants can choose areas of the globe they wish to own, control and monetise; storing the physical land coordinates on the blockchain, as virtual namespaces for persistent virtual content from the decentralised AR cloud.

Bubbled’s AR land owners will be able to:
-insert 3D images and content
-lease out virtual land to third parties
-decide on which types of branded content is shown on their land
-set the resale price
-participate and vote on key governance and constitutional issues affecting their land blocks.

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