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ICOcrunch methodology: rating and reviewing the projects

ICO listing: the system of ratings for projects

Even today, when we have a lot of blockchain projects, it is possible to find people who can’t realize what ICO really means. It is important to know because this machine will never stop. The most effective comparison which can be used as an explanation is IPO (initial public offering). This term, because of the long history, already took root in people’s mind. But anyway ICO has own features which distinguish it from other ways of offerings.

The very first thing is to find the perfect recipe for ICO research. We did it by own methods with the help of wide initial coin offering features. With the help of our studies, we made a kind of calendar of all available projects, their details, features, etc.
Now, before we dive into the details, it is important to mention some facts about one interesting measure of the whole market – the source we talk is First winter month of the 2017 year brought about $17 million of capitalization. Sounds not bad, but in comparison with first autumn month which opened new level – $127 million (even through the fact that this period brought ICO ban in South Korea), much better.

During the next 9 months, cryptocurrencies showed that they worth more. For example, bitcoin’s price jumped up very high. The world saw the real expansion which was embodied in the wild market race.
As the result, internet search got new popular term and this condition was saved during a long period of time. That is how ICO, which was born from IPO, got own status. Coins are the main subjects of this deal and it means that every project which offered them was raised up on this hype.

ICO listing most important details

It is important to mention that there are seven most significant questions that should be answered about ICO. Their cumulative effect can open an access to the main answer – is this project worth money or not.
Consistency means nothing. But only when we receive all answers it would be possible to see the truth. Here they are:
1. Developers (team and every person who is relevant to the project).
2. Whitepaper (it is important to learn every detail: research data, strategies, etc.) It is should be very informative.
3. Coin’s details (how much coins will be released, what is the amount for pre-sale, etc.)
4. Team’s plans (what about roadmap and opportunities to make their ideas come true).
5. The real project perspectives (it is important to realize who is the main consumer and the ideas which can solve his/her problems).
6. Everything about advertising (what sources did the team use in their work to make project popular).
7. Everything about legal part (here is important to observe if it is possible to use regulation rules of the jurisdiction that project’s team choose in their own work, and other important details that can bring pressure on development).

Time as the resource in ICO review questions

It is important to have a lot of time with the aim to make the effective research of every offering that may interest you. The thing is that this resource can play the lead role because without it a customer can’t understand the full picture of a chosen project.

Today, it is popular to believe in the hype but practice showed that it can’t offer stable result. The thing is that previous wave of ICO really brought a lot of opportunities for investors. Anyway, this fact can be explained by popularity and real perspectives of the blockchain. Today, ICO rules can’t guarantee full protection, but people’s desire to try luck is unstoppable.
It is always possible to use different professional sources to get real information about every single project. Listings and reviews can play an important role and keep customers informed. It is an opportunity to keep own time and use professional point of view as the basis of own decision.

Some interesting details about ICO tokens listing

We gave seven points which should be observed before someone decides to invest. Anyway, every single of them has own interesting details that should be learned. Without their use, it is easy to get the highest place in every rating, but in case if someone wants to see the truth, it can’t be discovered without these simple seven steps.

Most of the projects are just trying to get some support from customers to bring power to their ideas. Crowdsale is nothing more than a kind of engine to get some movement. The most popular cryptocurrencies to use in public sale are Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is easy to explain by their own level of popularity. With the help of crypto assets, it is easy to solve problems with government regulation, etc.

That is pretty easy to find the real problems which every project can get out of their ICO. Here they are:
• What if people who decided to invest have wrong reputation or problems with the law?
• What about the business model? How to keep a project stable in case it is not effective?
• Is it possible to keep savings for customers in case of the whole project is nothing more than just a simple hype?
It is important to learn before someone makes the decision to invest in any project (even in case it is already recommended by some person).

That is why it is important to use someone’s already checked method. This article was made with the aim to make you understand where all hidden problems can situate and how to unveil them. We made a number of studies and the results opened the way to understand if it is profitable to invest in every single project or not. This method touched every question and that is why it seems to be so effective.

These words can dazzle people. The next part of this article will open important details that every potential investor should use in his/her practice.

Let us define ICO

Every risk of opportunity to take part in an ICO should be the next part of this article. It can make investors realize important details and save their time. The thing is that people who want to invest (someone who decided to concentrate their life on this kind of job) should see the real opportunities and that is why all risks are going to be at the previous part of discovering.
So, here are some interesting details of an ICO that customers should be interested in:
1. That would be important to learn everything about people who interact with this project (of course, the lead role belongs to the CEO, CTO, and others, but it would be nice to observe everyone).2. Whitepaper should open every detail about the project. This document is a part of the presentation, so, it should be written to make customers learn the most important steps of its available profit. By the way, whitepaper should explain all the details about coin offering, its distribution, etc. After you read it, there should be no more questions about the project.
3. What are the minimum opportunities of this project? Team should represent all available steps of their work and different versions of development. It is important because no one knows if it would be possible to turn on this project (at least there are no stable cryptocurrencies and ICO regulation in this world). So, investors should be sure that their money can work inside this project in any case.
4. Every detail about legal part. Today blockchain has a lot of problems with the laws, but the main problem is a lack of readiness. Government doesn’t know how to control this area and that is why every project can’t be stable in this period of time. Anyway, in case if team decided to move on, it should learn everything about chosen jurisdiction and its own rules.
5. Investor should learn everything about business relationships. Every single one can bring a shade of problems just because of the wrong reputation. So, during investing, it is important to observe all partners and their history.
6. Advisors are very important too. The thing is that no one with good reputation will take part in a suspicious project. It brings the risk to his/her good name. At the same time, people who are already well-known in crypto world can play the role of guarantor. That is why investors should learn everything about advisors.
In case all six points are fine, it is possible to contribute to this project. Anyway, it is important to always remember that even these factors can be spoiled by unforeseen circumstances. But anyway, in case if the chosen project can’t stand the “six questions” test, it is the sign that it may be a scam.

Everything about secondary features

The points that were presented before are just a previous part of every detail investor should learn. There is a lot of secondary features which can bring additional effect on the way a team leads their project. Here are some more details that could dive you deeper and explain something more about opportunities to get profit:

• Social networks

It is important to find that the team can answer all questions and keep good relationships with the auditory. The thing is that during the period when someone observes the project, it is possible to find a lot of questions. In case if the team agrees to answer all of them, it always means that there is nothing to hide.

• How many discussions on third-party websites

In case people are not interested in this project, it would not be easy to find discussions and public conversations.
At the same time, it is important to observe how many times the project was mentioned on TV, media, etc. – advertising means a lot in the future way of success.

Why the idea comes first and the result – last

Even in case an investor loves the idea, it is always important to understand that it is just a small part of the way which leads to success. That would be fine to observe all the information about opportunities to involve the project into the real world. Sometimes even a perfect idea can’t be embodied inside harsh reality.

Some clue for ICO adorers

That is not easy to always observe every project without help from others. It could take a lot of time and in case the investor doesn’t have this resource, we can use another way to solve this problem – popular listings. They offer different points of view but at the same time, it is an opportunity to collect information and create own decision.

Something you shouldn’t forget

The described way to observe every project is just a private point of view. Some professionals use their own special tools which can bring them an effective result. The thing is that sometimes one special detail can change the whole research. Anyway, it can be used as the skeleton of study.

In conclusion

ICO rating system is very difficult. It consists of many diverse details and points of view, but as the result, such kind of information can bring an opportunity to distinguish the trash and find the perfect decision to invest.
So, this way of research can be called the classic one, because it recommends to pay attention to the most important parts of ICO. Other details bring less influence on the way a team develops a project. Anyway, this material has a tiny line which plays the role of the border between success and failure. It means that there is no 100% of the result, but at the same time, it is the guarantee of risk reduction. Use it to find the perfect project to invest and multiply savings.
To simplify your search you can always join the ICO Crunch community and be informed about the projects we thoroughly select and investigate for you. Find the list of already reviewed projects at the website and follow our Telegram channel to be the first to know about the most recent ones.

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