Cryptocurrency and ICO news 09.07.2018

StellarX opens for early invites, to launch soon

The Stellar network is planning to launching their new trading platform StellarX(SDEX), opens access for early invites.

This platform will be the first of its kind for this network containing Stellar’s universal marketplace as well as their back-end technology. As it as developed on Stellar’s order book, which considers no middleman of any kind, it becomes “one of the few true P2P platform”, StellarX team commented.

Developers promise users that they will refund all the network fees using a new feature called and that transactions will be superfast. This refund feature is meant to protect users against inflation. With this platform, you will be able to swap fiat, crypto and other commodities as Stellar promises to list most of the tokens here as long as the issuers complete their toml.

In addition to be able to trade directly from their wallets, users will enjoy fee-free trading and will also be in a position to list and trade any type of assets. They also set to benefit from the system’s superfast processing speeds. This means that there will be no lagging transactions. The Lumenaut’s inflation pool will provide users with a platform from which they will collect 1% of the transaction fees.

The developers promise to have the platform up and running in a few weeks’ time. There will be early beta signups available for the most active digital currencies with more to come later on as the platform continues to grow.

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