Cryptocurrency and ICO news 11.07.2018

Opera to add crypto wallet to mobile app

In a first for the company, Opera is launching new browser software that has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

The browser maker said Wednesday that its “new version of the Opera browser for Android combines easy-to-use crypto wallet functionality with support for the Ethereum Web3 API.” The browser is currently in private beta.

It is an especially useful announcement for developers of decentralized web applications – more commonly known as dapps – given that the new browser functionality indicates users can now more easily interact with dapps being built on the ethereum network.

Boost to Web 3.0

Web 3.0 refers to the vision of a decentralized Internet built on top of the ethereum blockchain that connects users to various dapps and peer-to-peer networks. Some dapps have already been developed for the express purpose of being used on Web 3.0-enabled browsers equipped with embedded wallets.

In effect, the newly released browser with built-in crypto wallet functionality by Opera boasts a “simple” user interface that builds on “existing browser wallets/dapp browsers…with a default WebView.” As such, the company expects to lower “the entry barrier to Web 3.0 for users” and offer the path for those wanting to “venture into the world of dapps and cryptocurrencies.”

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