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Idea & Token

As the blockchain technology becomes more and more popular, the number of companies willing to integrate it in their projects is constantly growing. Here’s some of the reasons why it’s a so difficult task – blockchain developers are expensive and rare specialists; quality implementation of smart contracts is complex and requires maximum reliability; integrating blockchain into existing IT systems is a nontrivial task. Having huge experience in German company SPO Consulting GmbH, Unibright is aiming to resolve these problems by using SPO’s expertise of business integration and ERP-System consultancy. They are developing a unified framework that simplifies integration of blockchain technology into existing business. The framework is template-based and can be applied to any kind of business. A business customer can choose a template that fits their business best, customize it, define the integration workflow, generate code, apply it to the existing IT system, and then control the result. Unibright can be used on various platforms, such as Ethereum, Neo, Stratis, etc.

The Unibright platform consists of four components:

Visual Workflow Designer
Allows creating blockchain-based solutions by visual arranging business integration workflows. You don’t have to be a blockchain developer to create it.

Contract Lifecycle Manager
When the workflows are ready, you just click a button and they are converted to platform-dependent code, and then the smart contracts are automatically generated for the most appropriate blockchain.

It monitors the ongoing business processes across all smart contracts and related systems by using sets of smart queries and represent on- and off-chain data to a useful, easy to understand dashboard.

It uses predefined automatically configured Smart Adapters to connect existing IT landscape with smart contracts and different blockchains.

Unibright’s ERC-20 utility token called UBT is used to:
– Create smart contracts
– Connect Unibright conformant smart contracts with other smart contracts or off-chain systems
– Purchase workflow templates and smart adapters developed by Unibright
– Purchase add-ons, templates, and specific Smart Adapters created by third party developers
– Distribute amongst companies who are early adopters to simplify joining of new customers
The total supply is 150 million tokens, 100,500,000 UBT will be for sale. After the sale, UBT token will be available for trading on orderbook.io. Unsold tokens will be burned. Token distribution: 67% – sale, 12% – reserve, 9% – seed investors, 6% – team, 6% – legal and token sale expencies.


The Unibright team almost entirely has come from SPO Consulting GmbH, a successful German company working for over 20 years. They are 7 professionals in IT sphere – developers, engineers, and marketing specialists. The company CEO Marten Jung is a Master of Computer Science with 20+ years of experience in business modelling and software engineering. Add here 7 advisors, experts in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, mathematics, business strategies, and startups.


Unibright has established partnerships with Microsoft, Iconiqlab, Ambisafe, and Zuehlke. Recently they delivered speeches at Blockchain Summits in Zurich and Dubai. The team members are working together more than 20 years in a successful company in the same sphere. The idea of a universal mechanism of creating a blockchain basis for any business is great. Unibright has already developed 9 common templates for clients, and more to be developed. At the same time, the business launch is planned only on Q4 2018. The long-term perspective seems to us more positive than a short-term one.

Want to re-setup your business on a decentralized basis, but don’t know how? Unibright will allow you to do it quite cheap and without engaging a blockchain developer into your project.

Unibright is a team of developers with 20+ years of experience in business integration. Nowadays
most companies have a strong interest in Blockchain technology, but struggle to use it. That is why we created the Unibright Framework. Unibright makes it easy to integrate Blockchain technology into existing business.

The Unibright Visual Workflow Designer gives anyone the ability to craft powerful Blockchain-based solutions with no coding skills or expensive developers required! De ne business integration work ows visually, without coding skills.

The Unibright Contract Lifecycle Manager transforms visually designed work ows into platform-dependent code at the push of a button! It generates Smart Contracts for the most appropriate blockchain automatically.

The Unibright Explorer monitors the ongoing business process across all smart contracts and related systems. It presents on- and off-chain data in an easy to understand dashboard by use case related Smart Queries.

The Unibright Connector connects existing IT landscape with different blockchains and smart contracts, using automatically generated Smart Adapters.

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