TrocaBit will combine the idea of ​​a Marketplace (it is a place where sellers and buyers make and make transactions) with a technology of cryptomoedas, thus reducing the space between the real and virtual world. After the market in the working, let's add a point system that scanned a page to the people who made the ad, buy it or sell it on the site


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Apr. 3, 2018

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[ANN][ICO] Trocabit – Marketplace that accepts Cryptocurrency

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The crypto-currency market has had great development in the virtual world and in the financial market as a whole. As its pioneer, we have Bitcoin, a decentralized currency based on code “SHA256”, all this was possible due to the existence of a Blockchain network, and because of this it was possible to verify transactions with false information, that is, if a transaction of 1 BTC is said to have 10 BTC, false information, Blockchain was the solution to this, to confirm if in fact a transaction has that amount of coins and to which address is going, after all, in the digital environment these could be copied.

“Blockchain is a network that works with very secure chained blocks that always carry content next to a fingerprint. In the case of bitcoin, this content is a financial transaction. The balcony here is that the back block will contain the fingerprint of the previous plus your own content and, with these two information, generate your own fingerprint. And so on. ” (Jean Prado, 23 November, (

Since the inception of Blockchain it has been trying to be improved by other projects, and it did not take long for the term “Blockchain 2.0” and “Smart Contracts” to appear. All this was possible for these other projects to rest on the shoulders of giants (Bitcoin) and improve what had already been created. The technology created with Bitcoin became an extremely huge iceberg, so much so that there was an early election through Blockchain in Sierra Leone.

“The votes were registered as blocks in a private Blockchain archive maintained by the country’s electoral system”, (Leonardo Muller, March, 16, 2018, (

With the great increase in the world of Crypto-coins, with more than 1200 currently on the market, Saturno Serviços Digitais LTDA saw the opportunity and lack of a Marketplace platform that would intermediate digital coins for the exchange between buyers and sellers.

Trocabit – Marketplace

Trocabit is a Crypto-coin (Token) based on Waves technology (promising technology, which promises to surpass Ethereum in 2018), will be used as an option to buy and sell products on the Marketplace platform.

The appreciation of Trocabit will vary according to the law of supply and demand, because it is a decentralized currency, the market itself will determine the price after its distribution.
We will bring more knowledge and development in the world of the Marketplaces, therefore, we will create a digital pass so that there are exchanges between people, with Trocabit being only one of the intermediary means that will guarantee the security of the purchase and sale of the products.

It will be possible to buy and sell products safely and quickly through our platform that will be developed based on the most modern programming, bringing all the elements so that the accessibility and speed are next to our clients, thus, there will be a connection between real life and all the things we love and use every day. We aim to simplify the days of our customers’ lives.


• Name: Trocabit
Symbol: TCB
Transfer: After finishing the ICO
Creation: There is no way to create more tokens
Token price: R$0,02

Bonification System (ICO*)

– Bonus on the dates provided on the site for the purchase of tokens

1 50%
2 40%
3 30%
4 20%
5 10%
6 5%
* It will only be possible to remove the tokens from the ICO platform if you have made any purchases.

Token Distribution and Supply MAX (ICO)

All tokens will be distributed on 12/05 to the Waves wallets in (

The division of the tokens will be:

12% founders
14,46% donations
73,54% selling

Supply max

184,263,000 Trocabit coins or tokens were generated.


After forms of research done, the demand for a membership program was large, so Trocabit took that call.

How will this membership program work?

It’s quite simple, you just call people, and these people will need to sign up for our site ( and ask for donation of tokens. Each member will have an invitation link, each record generated by the invitation link of each user will be donated 500 tokens to the affiliate for each user that brings, so if you bring 100 users, you will earn 50000 Trocabit as a reward.


Our team is ready for the entire development of the Roadmap, trying to comply with all the dates without extending them. It is our virtue to update on some unforeseen events that may occur during the process, deadlines are mainly necessary for testing inside the platform, which is essential so that there are no bugs and everything works with safety and speed. The development process will be in the following order:

Season 1

Marketplace/Marketing I ($60.240,96)

Season 2

APP/API/Marketing II ($90.361,45)

Season 3

Structure/Team/Marketing III ($120.481,93)

Season 4

Enter in a Exchange/Marketing IV ($150.602,41)

Season 5

Credit card Emission/System Payment/Marketing V ($180.722,89)

Season 6

Working capital/Marketing VI ($60.240,96)

Total Capital


ICO’s site development
03.02.2018 till 03.28.2018

Tokens Selling
03.28.2018 till 05.11.2018

Token distribution
05.12.2018 till 05.12.2018

05.12.2018 till 07.16.2018

07.17.2018 till 09.24.2018

09.25.2018 till 10.01.2018

Join an Exchange
10.02.2018 till 12.10.2018

Credit card emission
12.11.2018 till 07.01.2019

* These dates can be changed through process events.

ICO’s site development
The development of the site for ICO is already being set up and in the testing phase, we have created an individual Private Area platform for the best comfort of our investors.

Tokens selling
The sale of the tokens will be essential for the continuity of the project, we will have a period of 45 days for the sales of the tokens, the same can undergo changes if it has not collected the necessary value to give continuity in the project.

Tokens distribution
The tokens will be distributed on the scheduled date of the table, will be done automatically by the platform itself.

The development of the platform will begin after the end of the sale of the tokens, and everything within the specified in the previous pages.

This part is very important for the project, after all, the largest audience is driven by the cell phone, as it is an easy, fast and safe way to use, so it will be necessary to develop platforms for iOS, Android and Windows.

Based on the demand that the Marketplace is taking, it will be necessary to create a more planned structure, as well as a team, for customer service.

This amount that will be collected in the 5th phase will be for the implementation of Trocabit in other Exchanges, for its negotiation to be broader.

Credit Card emission
Not least, we want to develop prepaid credit cards for the Trocabit platform, as it would be an even more affordable means for our customers, because one of our promises was accessibility for everyone and easy to use.


TrocaBit aims to become the largest virtual Marketplace with exchanges through Crypto-coins.
Concerned about the safety of our customers in transactions and product exchanges. The best service and the most affordable media offer for our customers.
“When Henry Ford created cheap and good cars, people said,” Nah … what’s wrong with horses? . That was a huge bet he made and worked ” – “Elon Musk”.


To be a competitive company that acts in the market of Buy & Sell through a platform safe, fast and with great accessibility for all.


As the main objective of ICO’s offer, we have the Marketplace, a platform that will mediate relationships between buyers and sellers.

“Marketplace is a collaborative e-commerce portal. It is a virtual mall with two levels of access, one for consumers and another for tenants. The retailer of a niche segment or not, depending on the Marketplace proposal, can sell its products through a third-party Marketplace and the customer, in one place, finds products from various suppliers and brands. “,(WebJump,(

It will be developed with the latest programming technology, which will provide a very intuitive, fast, secure and accessible platform for all types of audiences.
Inside the platform, the monetary value will be of some Crypto-Coins, such as:

Bitcoin Cash
Among others that may be added in the process

In addition to the possibility of buying and selling products with the Brazilian monetary value (Brazilian Real).
In conjunction with the Marketplace, a Mobile App (Android, IOS and Windows) will also be created to further enhance our customers’ accessibility, as well as a Desktop platform rather than Web platform, which will bring more security and speed.
We will accept individuals and legal entities to register sellers, being legal with some more benefits than individuals.

Developed from technologies:


The platform of Trocabit counts on the technologies essential for its good operation and customer demand. In addition to an intuitive layout and quick startup.

Sale of products with security guaranteed by the platform.

Trocabit will ensure that the products purchased on the platform will arrive according to the advertised by the seller, and the seller’s money will only be released upon confirmation from the buyer that the product was delivered.

Credit Card emission.

A prepaid credit card will be available for sellers who wish to use their credits in the account for buying and selling products through conventional trading card machines, however for this it will be necessary to have credit in the portfolio of Trocabit in the platform.

Possibility to negotiate your tokens in Exchanges.

Counting on our Roadmap, we intend to join Trocabit within another Exchange beyond the Waves Platform.

Buying products with Trocabit will give you discounts.

Buying products with Trocabit will give you discounts when buying products, the seller will not pay for it, but the platform itself will be responsible, so with the incentive to buy products with Trocabit will bring a currency appreciation on the market.

Possibility to negotiate your tokens after distribution.

Because it is a token developed with Waves Technology, after the distribution it will be possible to negotiate the asset in Waves’ own Exchange, for regulation on the platform, we have the help of the community to join the currency.

Token bonification according Site informations.

For those who buy tokens within the specified dates on the site, they will receive a bonus for the amount of tokens that are purchased.

Possibility of great appreciation of the token.

Why this possibility? For being pioneering in the Marketplace of Crypto-coins in Brazil with great chances of expansion to other countries in the future.

Advantages with our filiation program.

Being affiliated with Trocabit, your chances of winning many tokens increase, as you will be able to receive by referral to others.

Possibility of winning in our raffles at ICO.

Trocabit’s ICO will be making a lottery weekly with Trocabit tokens at

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