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May. 15, 2018



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Idea & Token

To say in two words, Triwer is a decentralized parcel delivery platform that is trying to eliminate disadvantages of the traditional cargo delivery such as inefficient resource usage, high costs, and a lack of transparency, while also reducing the current level of carbon footprint. To overcome bottlenecks Triwer will use smart contracts and GPS tracking. The project is targeting both online businesses and shoppers. The blockchain technology will allow for tracking assets at every step of the delivery cycle and creating competition among different carriers. As a result, the costs will be decreasing and the number of delivery options will always grow. Both businesses and consumers will use the Triwer app providing the price comparison and allowing them to choose the most appropriate service option. Shoppers will have personal profiles valid across different online shops and personalizing shipping options.
Triwer will mainly use ERC-20 smart contracts, but sensitive information will be stored on side-chains until the main smart contract is complete. This will additionally protect the private information. While planning to get 5-15% revenue of the overall delivery process, Triwer is aiming to expand its network from major European cities to a cross-border business.
Their ERC-20 utility token called TRW will be used for all transactions on both the main blockchain and the side-chains. Users will be able to exchange their cryptocurrencies and fiat into TRW by using Triwer’s mobile app. When a smart contract is complete, the recipients can convert TRW into other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. A total supply is 1 billion tokens. The distribution is as follows: 37.64% – company reserve, 37.50% – sale, 14.86% – pre-sale, 8% – marketing and bounty, 2% – private investors.


The team consists of 13 specialists. Four of them including CEO Per Havden have extensive experience in business management and startup development. Per Havden previously worked for such companies as iStone AB, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Ernst & Young. The rest of the team brings their experience in software development (3 members), sales, marketing, logistics, supply chains, design, and PR. Six members of the advisory board add solid expertise in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, cyber-security, and business development.


Triwer is a project with an impressive list of features including delivery options comparison, selecting best prices, full transparency, 24/7 customer support, and real-time tracking. The idea is attractive for both businesses and shoppers. Among possible obstacles we’d mention a number of competitors on the shipping market, though the market itself is huge and has vast geography. One more minus is the marketing budget of the project that is quite low and may turn out insufficient for successful PR campaign.

A promising attempt to bring the parcel delivery business on the blockchain basement and overcome the traditional market disadvantages such as low transparency, high prices, and ineffective resource distribution.

Triwer was created to meet the demands of modern e-commerce businesses and their consumers who expect a personalised, easy, fast, cheap and secure delivery for their online purchases. Triwer also addresses inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the Courier Express Parcel Market (CEPM), allowing logistics companies and couriers to make better use of spare capacity.

The Triwer application empowers online shoppers and businesses to take full control of their shipping needs and achieve the best delivery price through our built-in price comparison engine. Online shoppers will be able to personalize their profile with delivery preferences and carry that profile across multiple online shops to arrange the best delivery options. They`ll be able to choose pickup and delivery at their convenience while standardizing tracking with built in communication features and change management in delivery options at the last mile, through crowd delivery.

Decentralized Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts and the Triwer Token, TRW, are core to the Triwer delivery management platform, and bring benefits to consumers and deliverers alike, from transparent agreements to direct and immediate payment. Thank you for taking this journey with us, it’s going to be quite a ride!

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