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Idea & Token

Talao is coming to the freelancing and on-demand work market that already reached $50 billion. The advantages of this kind of work organization are quite obvious. Employers don’t need to hire a full-time worker for a one-time specific task or project and therefore save money. Freelancers are free to choose any kind of niches so even specialists in very specific or narrow spheres can find a job. In addition they can work from anywhere and at any time. Anyway, this schemes has several serious shortcomings. Both companies and freelancers need an intermediary platform where they could connect to each other, perform payments, solve possible disputes, etc. Examples of such platforms also known as freelancer marketplaces are and For the companies of this kind it’s a usual practice to charge up to 20% of freelancers’ earnings and 3% of the same sum – from the employers for using the platform. One more compromise they have to make is the necessity to trust the platform and agree to any decision the platform makes as an authority once a dispute between a freelancer and employers arises.

Talao is aiming to resolve all these problems by developing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and charging 0% commission for their services from both freelancers and employees.
Talao’s native ERC-20 token called TALAO will be used to conduct transactions within the platform. Please refer to the Whitepaper for the full list of use cases. Payments on the platform can also be made with fiat, which will simplify the mass-adoption. A total supply of 150 million tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 67% – sale,
  • 10% – ambassador program,
  • 8% – founders,
  • 7% – reserve,
  • 4 – shareholders,
  • 2% – bounty program,
  • 2% – advisors.


The Talao team is one of the strongest among those we’ve seen for the last several months. The founders are going to hire up to 30 people for their office in Paris plus the same amount in several cities around the world. Talao’s CEO and co-founder Nicolas Muller previously found the French freelancer marketplace eMindHub which later got a blockchain basement and was rebranded to Talao. He has experience in the engineering, manufacturing and aerospace industries. The core team consists of 10 professionals with a serious background in technology markets, engineering services, software development, blockchain, business development, marketing, and communications. They also have 4 advisors and established partnerships with 10 companies.


The freelancing market is one of those areas for which the idea of bringing the blockchain technology sounds really logical and a project like Talao could significantly improve the current situation by providing a win-win solution for both companies and freelancers. The team does know all ins and outs in that sphere which is confirmed by their previous experience in eMindHub. The only doubt we have here is a lack of blockchain experience, only one team member has serious blockchain background.

A project stepping into a highly growing freelancing market with a reasonable idea of decentralizing and regulating relationships between freelancers and their employers. If successfully implemented, the project will definitely get its five stars.

The $50 billion market for work and expertise on demand is evolving at a fast pace, now with more than 100 million freelancing Talent engaged by companies around the world who are looking for business agility.

Talao is the first decentralized and blockchain-based marketplace, enabling companies to mobilize the best Talent in the major industrial and technological sectors.

Because the best Talent owe their success only to their work and their skills, Talao builds a model
without middlemen and commission.

Because the best Talent thrive in an environment where they feel confident, Talao gives them the keys to the governance of the platform in a transparent and fair way.

Because the best Talent take years to build their reputation, the TALAO token gives them the means to certify their experience and regain possession of their reputation.

Welcome to Talao, the future of work.

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