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Mar. 12, 2018

Mar. 25, 2018

20000000 USD


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Nowadays there is no cryptocurrency exchange service allowing converting cryptocurrency in fiat money fast and safely. Moreover, they are complicated, illegal and set huge commissions. Streamity is aiming to resolve it.
The Streamity project consists of two main components:
– StreamDesk
This is a P2P platform for smart contract cryptocurrency exchange managed with a decentralized application developed by Streamity. The platform provides the service of fast and secure cryptocurrency-to-fiat exchange with minimal commissions (from 0% to 2%). What is important – the operations will be performed without the need for a centralized third party. Currently most of exchange operations are conducted on centralized exchanges which may lead to issues with regulatory authorities and blocking users’ accounts. The P2P technology eliminates suchlike situations.
– A free portal about cryptocurrency
The portal will provide lots of information about cryptocurrency – analytical, educational and investment resources, including market review, news, ideas, blogs, articles, knowledge base, investment statistics, ICO recommendations. The portal will be made by community and for the community, and it will be free of charge.
Streamity token (STM) is an ERC-20 token that will be used within the entire ecosystem as a payment method for all services offered by the project, including the P2P cryptocurrency exchange. The full supply of tokens is limited to 186 million, 100 million tokens will be sold on the ICO. On the first day of the ICO you will get 20% discount, days 2-14 – 15% discount, and 10% – during phase 2 of the ICO. Token distribution – 70% for ICO, 25% for the team, 3% for the rewards program, and 2% for the advisors and partners.


The team consists of 16 specialists, most of which are experienced software developers. Add here professionals in blockchain technology, marketing, traders, investors, and Streamity’s CEO Vladislav Kuznetsov who has more than 10 years of experience in business and asset management at the stock market. And they are still looking for new members in the team. The team doesn’t look very experienced in cryptocurrency market and blockchain, they are rather excellent specialists in other spheres who were inspired by the blockchain technology. This is partly compensated by advisors, more experienced in blockchain. All in all they have 10 advisors and one company-partner (BBS PTE, Best Business Solutions).


The idea is pretty good, since the market still needs a cryptocurrency exchange that could be fast, secure, reliable, cheap, and independent from third parties. Though the project is still in its beginning, it seems that Streamity has all the necessary ingredients to bring it to success – a good idea, inspired team, clear whitepaper, and desire to make the cryptocurrency market a bit better and more comfortable. Anyway, don’t forget about other ICOs trying to achieve the same goal, because this project is not the first attempt to improve cryptocurrency exchanges.

Yet another attempt to resolve old shortcomings of today’s cryptocurrency exchanges – slow and expensive transactions, and necessity to include third parties in the processes. Add here a pleasant bonus in the form of free informational portal for the community and you’ll get the picture of Streamity.

Streamity project focuses on establishment of a powerful cryptocurrency exchange which will include a broad range of services and ensure benefits from cryptocurrency markets development, while avoiding complications and risks arising from cryptocurrency ownership, transfer, and exchange.
A powerful StreamDesk aggregator ensuring exchange of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies under smart contracts without intermediaries is the key element of Streamity project. StreamDesk prototype represents the main concept of the service (available online).
StreamDesk will also ensure immediate mutual exchange of cryptocurrencies, with maximum security and efficiency, suitable for most cryptocurrencies existing in the market. Cryptocurrency rate will be always bound to the “Market” section (which collects information from major stock exchanges and displays the value of cryptocurrencies and capitalization of companies). This means that the possibility to change prices for gaining excess profit simply does not exist! All fees are known in advance and will be presented below. This provides advantages both to investors, who will have a clear understanding of all prospects and future company’s profits from fees, and to users, who will benefit from a fair and transparent exchange mode with maximum security.

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