Decentralized platform for transparent management of interactions in health care system, security of medical data and payments







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Mar. 31, 2018

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Idea & Token

Solve.Care is aiming to improve the current centralized systems in health care and benefits programs by adding a new level of security, privacy, access, and transparency. One more goal is to reduce the costs in health care by replacing manual processes with automated ones and deduplicating some of the current systems. As a result, this will reduce or even eliminate fraud in the entire system. The interactions between all members of health care system (clinics, pharmacies, insurance companies, etc.) will be simplified to just using a mobile app. Blockchain will make every transaction immutable and verifiable, and personal information – protected.

Here’s how the Solve.Care ecosystem will work:
Patients and providers will use Care.Wallet, a blockchain app for communication and care management with Care.Cards and Care.Coins for full control over information and actions. Care.Cards are applications that can be downloaded from the Care.Marketplace that help to build the platform’s management system. They will automate healthcare processes, coordinate all interactions between stakeholders, handle billing system, etc. Care.Coin which is a Solve.Care’s token will make the payment system transparent and immutable. One more component called Care.Vault will be built for data management on the platform including its safety and access permissions. All these components and processes between them are synchronized by using Care.Protocol.
350 million of 1 billion Solve.Care’s ERC-20 tokens called CAN will be available for sale. As usual, all unsold tokens will be destroyed.


The entire team includes more than 50 professionals experienced in health care, blockchain, and business. The company CEO Pradeep Goel is also in top management of three other companies – Ukrsoft purchased by Solve.Care, EngagePoint, and Noridian BlueCross BlueShield of North Dakota. Pradeep has founded four healthcare IT companies, has been at the top of INC500 fastest growing companies lists, he’s among 100 most promising entrepreneurs worldwide according to Goldman Sachs, and has previously worked for numerous government healthcare projects. The team established partnerships with Ambisafe, Foxtail Marketing, ARPI, and Juscutum Attorneys Association.


Pros – A strong team led by a CEO with impressive experience; an acquisition of Ukrsoft that has such clients as Delta Airlines, Boeing, and Department of Defense; a new multi-year contract with a solid customer – U.S.-based care delivery network that manages care for 250,000 families, 5,000 providers, and 200+ facilities.
Cons – There is a number of competitors on the market of health care services; the platform is planned to launch after ICO; the CEO is a member of so many organizations and businesses that we have doubts he will be able to pay enough attention to the project; there is a lack of details regarding how the funds acquired during ICO will be used.

One more project led by a strong team and aiming to make the entire health care system clear, simple, transparent, secure and managed with finger taps.

Solve.Care platform can perform the tasks of current processing and management systems at 3% of total spend through the use of Care Administration Networks thus reducing processing and management of systems and the potential to reduce overall spend.
The growth of Blockchain technology is the paradigm shift in health care that will allow for true coordination of care administration that the Solve.Care platform can achieve.
We estimate that the addressable market size is in excess of $100 billion for the U.S alone and billions more in other health care systems around the world. Solve.Care has become possible by combining decades of experience and domain expertise in insurance systems, government programs, clinical management, care coordination and employee benefits administration with recent technological innovations such as a Blockchain, smart contracts, machine learning, behavioral, clinical and transactional analytics.
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