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Jun. 3, 2018

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Idea & Token

ShareRing is planning to create a token-based global platform to exchange anything – from services to things – and pay for that with the ShareRing tokens. For example, you can pay for a ride to the airport in Paris, for an apartment rental in New York, and for a dogsitter when you are away. For all of these services you will pay with the ShareRing tokens and stop thinking about expensive exchange fees, international transaction fees, or even which currency is used in this or that country. ShareRing offers to use a single app to combine the existing sharing platforms like Uber and AirBnB into a single platform and access any available asset you want to rent, borrow, or share. If you are a customer, you can share a car, home, or anything else. If you are a provider, you earn SharePay by renting out your property. For businesses as Uber or AirBnB, ShareRing will allow combining their client bases and offer united services
ShareRing uses tokens of two kinds:
– SharePay (SHRP) is the base currency used by the platform users to pay for third party assets.
– ShareToken (SHR) is the utility token to drive sharing transactions to be written to the ShareRing ledger managed by the platform.
The total supply of the SHR tokens is 4 billion, 60% will be sold (2.5 billion are for pre-sale, 1 billion is for sale), 24% – platform and team, 10% – advisors, 5% – bounty program, 1% – airdrop.
The cryptocurrency wallets of the ShareRing funds will be published on the ShareRing website, and therefore will be auditable for everyone. All major expenditures will also be publicly explained.


Tim Bos, the company CEO, previously worked as a blockchain engineer, founded Keaz, a platform for sharing cars. Rohan LePage, the company COO, is also an expert in the blockchain technology. Both have a solid experience in business management in different companies. The core team consists of 5 talented specialists and will be expanded to 15 full-time developers over the next few months. Recently, the team won 1st place at the December 2017 Blockchain Hackathon in Vietnam.


Among advantages of the project we’d name huge sharing economy industry, its potential growth, and a vacant niche of a company that would combine and unify the current differentiated sharing services around the world. The team itself and the desire of the top management to invest token funds into the project development and engaging entrepreneurs into this process are also strong points of the project. Considering possible challenges we see a lack of marketing, hype, and partnerships, the components that seem necessary and critical for the project success.

There is a good chance that ShareRing will become the first global decentralized platform for sharing the entire spectrum of services or things – transport, real estate, finance, assets, food, agriculture, etc.

 The world’s frst trusted token for sharing services. One way to pay for sharing everything, no matter what it is or where you are.

Pre-sale March 29th to May 5th 20:18 0:00 utc

Main-sale May 7th to June 7th 2018 0:00 utc



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