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Idea & Token

What is the main factor preventing you from using cryptocurrencies? Right, unpredictability and fear to lose your money. PolicyPal Network is yet another project trying to give you peace of mind and they do it by protecting cryptoassets with insurance. This is the first part of the project. And the second one is providing the unbanked the ability to get insurance via the mutual aid insurance approach. They are going to lower the barriers associated with traditional insurance coverage for emerging markets where people can’t afford insurance due to low income level. Though working in Singapore, the team is targeting other Asian countries to develop PolicyPal Network there.
Two main parts of the project:
– CryptoProtect. This is a cyber security service in partnership with Insurers to protect cryptocurrency assets of blockchain startups. It will be underwritten by “AA” rated global insurers.
– P2P mutual aid insurance. Based on smart contracts, this approach automates the underwriting of policies and claims handling. And the blockchain technology will reduce the cost of insurance premiums making insurance protection affordable for the unbanked in such spheres as life insurance, personal accident plan, agriculture, and property. Traditionally blockchain will bring real-time transactions with full history, reliability, transparency, data validation, and efficiency.
One more goal of the project is to reduce insurance fraud.
Their ERC-20 tokens called PAL will be used as gas price for the blockchain. The gas fees collected during the first two years will go to PolicyPal Network blockchain pool. The tokens collected afterwards will be destroyed, which will limit the supply of tokens and increase their price. You can earn the tokens as bonus rewards when purchasing insurance policies or participate in different surveys regarding PolicyPal Network or in marketing referral program.


PolicyPal Network team consists of 14 members. The company CEO Val Yap previously was an assistant VP of OCBC Bank, launched several campaigns, one of which received 3 medals at MOB-EX awards, a recipient of Forbes’ 30 under 30 award. The rest specialists have solid experience in marketing, strategy, insurance broking, and software development. They also have 7 advisors, top specialists in blockchain and cybersecurity, entrepreneurs and investors. In general, the team strong and looks capable of driving the project to success.


Being an insurance broker in Singapore, PolicyPal has partnerships with such global insurance companies as AIG, Allianz, Income, Etiqa, and many more and currently has 32,000 users in Singapore. The project was one out of three startups selected by PayPal for their nine-month incubation program Singapore. One more their achievement is top 10 out of 400 startups selected by Startupbootcamp Fintech Singapore. The disadvantages are quite common for many ICO projects – unclear roadmap and the product which is not ready yet. Anyway PolicyPal Network has positive perspective.

PolicyPal Network is a solution aiming to bring insurance into two new spheres – cryptocurrency assets and emerging Asian markets for those who couldn’t afford insurance ever before.

Pre-sale is over and main token sale is going to be conducted in March 2018.

In April 2016, PolicyPal Pte. Ltd (Singapore Company Registration Number : 201610784K) (“PolicyPal Tech”), an affiliate of the Token Issuer, launched an insurance application known as “PolicyPal” which employed the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to simplify and digitise insurance for end users to seamlessly manage their existing policies.

With the advent and exponential growth of blockchain technology, the Token Issuer is endeavouring to harness this technology and create a decentralised platform to not only facilitate the purchase of insurance policies but to also serve as a secure validation engine for policy payouts.

The Token Issuer will be building a platform (“PolicyPal Network”) with a two-fold vision of addressing key issues that overlap the fields of both insurance and cryptocurrencies in the world today.

The first issue is that millions of unbanked people are without adequate access to insurance protection in developing countries around the world. Through our platform, we aim to lower the barriers associated with traditional insurance coverage for these groups of people. Ultimately, our main mission is to harness the advancements in the field of blockchain technology to bridge the gap between consumers in developing countries and insurance providers by providing a new level of accessibility to the insurance ecosystem.

PolicyPal Network plans to achieve this by leveraging partnerships in these emerging markets to serve the millions currently without access to protection due to complex buying processes and high insurance premiums.

The second problem deals with the overall security of cryptoassets. The increasing occurrence of major hacks on both cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets over the past few years resulting in significant losses of funds has left many with a desire for some form of insurance on their digital assets. We seek to offer a range of robust protection plans for both commercial companies and individual investors against a loss of funds resulting from operational deficiencies like hacks.

PolicyPal Singapore – an affiliate of the Token Issuer and which is regulated under the Insurance Act and Financial Advisers Act – presently has a diverse list of insurers already partnered with it for conventional insurance products. Together with PolicyPal Singapore’s network of global insurance partners, the Token Issuer will be working to create offerings that address this urgent issue in the cryptocurrency space.

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