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Supply chain has a $57 trillion market size and employs millions around the world. There are 200 million Small to medium size enterprises worldwide.
Planport is building a decentralised B2B Network. The Planport network applications we have built and currently building include
1.Enterprise portal
2. Supplier portal
3. Trade finance marketplace
Our initial product focuses on procurement and its components. Procurement is one of the core sectors within the supply chain industry. Procurement involves buying of goods and services that enable organisations to carry out their normal day-to-day activities. As a procurement org, may be responsible for sourcing raw materials, operational goods and services from suppliers globally and bringing them into the organisation.
Procurement teams need work with C-level, Finance, engineering team as well as external suppliers for the overall success of the procurement process and they need tools to make sure they get their jobs done well. A company can spend more than 75% of its revenue on purchasing goods and services and not get any value from it. Therefore, procurement plays a very big part in the company’s life cycle and as such is a complex process. Procurement heads and teams need to navigate through keenly to avoid any costly lapse in the whole process.
From small companies to big corporations the options are very limited and most of them are the choice between legacy Systems with inefficient and closed networks that are costly, risky and time-consuming. At Planport we want to eliminate all these processes to one seamless network that has seamless and targeted solutions for businesses and Individuals across the globe.
Suppliers also needs tools to interact with the buying organisations and they need tools beyond legacy , manual and centralised systems, that is expensive and bogged down in these painful processes .Planport solves all the problem of the suppliers and Buying side enterprises problem by building application that streamlines the processes that is built on trust, mutual benefit and user centric as part of the Web 3.0 by using the Blockchain distributed technology.
At the end of supplier and Buyer interaction, we also have Trade finance network where Suppliers can take their invoices and issue them to the network of global investors where they get access to diverse range of funders that is built on the Blockchain distributed technology because of that it allows participants to have a secure and efficient way to settle trader finance assets in the $3 trillion factoring industry.
Investors can earn discounts, get Verified and 0 risk trade assets to invest on. The Blockchain eliminates the middleman and high fees as well as invoice duplication. suppliers can get borderless , quick access to investors, in minutes which then greatly improves their cash flow and scale their businesses without waiting 30-90 days.

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