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Idea & Token

PATH is utilizing blockchain and smart contracts to revolutionize the uptime and monitoring services for internet-based companies. In this sphere it’s extremely important to receive an immediate notification about downtime or service interruption so that measures could be taken as soon as possible. PATH is going to create a decentralized network of user-powered monitoring nodes around the world. Users will install non-resource impacting mining nodes on their devices and run them via web browser plugin, phone application, or Linux OS. Users will share their unused bandwidth with others who need the uptime or monitoring services and will be rewarded with tokens.
Traditional companies such as Thousand Eyes or Luminati have to build their own monitoring services infrastructure, which is very expensive and bound to limited data centers capabilities. Nowadays Luminati is the only company that uses computers and mobile IPs to gather information, but they are very expensive and inconvenient as their customers have to use peer-to-peer VPN to run the services.
Their ERC-20 token PATH will be used by clients to access services via PATH’s online panel. The mining nodes will be responsible for the services and will be rewarded with the PATH tokens. All the monitoring information will be gathered in the database accessible through the online panel. Most of the fees will go to the mining nodes owners, and a small part – to development and support.
The total token supply is 400 million, 240 million of them is for sale. PATH is providing 1 million tokens to their Telegram members via airdrop. The token distribution: 60% – sale, 20% will be reserved, 10% – team, 10% – advisors.


The company leaders are Bryant Townsend who is a serial entrepreneur, cybersecurity industry leader, founder and CEO of BackConnect, Inc., and an information security expert Marshall Webb who has been featured on Reuters, Politico and CNBC. The team consisys of 7 specialist bringing a wealth of technical experience and expertise from companies such as Deloitte, Acer, PwC and the FBI. They also have 8 advisers, top professionals in building infrastructures, blockchain, ICO, security, and marketing.


PATH has already released a beta of the mining node browser plugin and is waiting for feedback from the pre-approved users having access to the beta version. In the future PATH is planning to add such features as Synthetic Interaction Testing, Page Speed Monitoring, DDoS Attack Reporting, and CDN Performance. So, PATH has a good idea, clear vision of a way to beat their competitors, beta version of the product, solid team. If they improve their marketing campaign and keep their roadmap, the project has an excellent chance for success.

An excellent idea of implementing mining and monitoring nodes on user devices instead of building extremely expensive infrastructure can move the project on top of the uptime and performance monitoring industry.

Path is revolutionizing the uptime and performance monitoring industry by using blockchain technology and smart contracts. Powerful analytic tools combined with user powered monitoring nodes give unprecedented global coverage and invaluable insight into website, application, and network uptime and performance.

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