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Idea & Token

OPEN Platform is creating a blockchain-based platform providing a payment infrastructure for applications. This will allow traditional developers to deploy customized application payment schemes on any blockchain and accept cryptocurrencies as the method of payment. The OPEN API of the platform significantly simplifies access and integration into pre-existing application infrastructure and database, reduces the amount of blockchain knowledge required, and allows developers to develop in any language. As a result companies that don’t have the blockchain development experience get a plug-and-play solution without necessity to write a complex code for payment processing.
Traditional payments and cryptocurrency transactions are processed and validated in different manner. To make them work in coordination they must have a communication bridge. The OPEN platform is that bridge binding the cryptocurrency blockchain and a traditional application backend.
Considering the cryptocurrency market which is currently estimated at about $300 billion and the OPEN platform that will allow thousands of crypto investors to use lots of mainstream applications and pay for goods and services with cryptocurrency, the platform will open a huge cryptocurrency market and bring companies outstanding revenues.
Their token called OPEN is a utility token that will be used in a variety of ways throughout the entire OPEN ecosystem. It will provide a mechanism simplifying developer adoption of the platform. OPEN platform will reserve a pool of OPEN tokens to attract, easily adopt and then support new applications. A total token supply is 1 billion, 50% of them will be sold in the ICO.


The team consists of 10 top professionals plus 4 advisors. Ken Sangha, CEO, recently CEO of DoublePlay Entertainment Inc., has huge experience in developing companies and multiplying the revenue, professional advisor and consultant to a number of startups. The company CTO Andrew Leung has over ten years of experience in software engineering. The rest team members has experience in software development, blockchain, marketing, and management. Four advisors consult the team in payments, operations, finance, and partnerships. In general the team looks great.


OPEN Platform is the first company on the market providing the feature of integrating cryptocurrency payments into existing applications and therefore has a lot of opportunities and advantages. Considering the idea, team, whitepaper, and roadmap, we see an outstanding project and the team that will definitely conduct a top ICO campaign.

An excellent project being the first on market and led by an excellent team is promising to become one of the top ICOs of this year.

An End-to-End Decentralized Applications Payment Platform

Simple analogy = ‘The first cryptocurrency wallet for applications’

In addition, the components that enable backend centralized code to talk to components on blockchain.

Enabling any application to integrate blockchain technology, deploy any payment scheme, accept any cryptocurrency and track payment states on the blockchain

Easier for mainstream developers to adopt cryptocurrency technology into their applications

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