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The NAM project is a project to combine artificial intelligence (AI) and block chain
technology to bring about innovation in the Japanese medical system. There are three
problems in the current medical treatment.

1. The point that doctors can not grasp the patient’s improvement by their treatment
2. The penetration rate of electronic medical charts in Japan is limited to 50%
3.The treatment that can be received in insurance treatment in Japan is delayed 4 years
from the world

NAM will solve these problems using AI and block chains. In particular,

1. By using AI, the doctor fully grasps the progress of the patient
2. Create a safe electronic medical record system at low cost using block chains
3. NAM’s AI Clinic Offering the World’s Most Advanced Treatment and Inspection

We will bring about the innovation in the system of medical care combining Artificial
Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technology.

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