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Apr. 30, 2018

Apr. 5, 2019



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Web toolkit for interface development that allows any user to visualize the process of exchange with their own customizable user experience.

Utilize parallel execution with asynchronous communication to delegate the clearing and ordering of trades at zero-fees.

Support thousands of trade routes to connect a hundred exchange seats that clear millions of trades a second inside this algebra of trust.

To ensure inclusivity of opportunity, LNCH Tokens have no pre-determined price; rather price is set by the users. This mimics the market demand mechanisms of mining algorithms without giving potential unfair advantages to economies of scale.

The LNCH Token distribution takes place over the course of 341 days. During this abundant timeframe the community can familiarize themselves with the project and technology, as well as participate in the distribution.

An Ethereum smart contract proves receipt of incoming ETH for LNCH Tokens with auditable transparency of the public Ethereum network’s blockchain. LNCH Token holdings can become part of the genesis block of a new blockchain through a proof of hodling.

At the foundational level, LNCH is an all encompassing blockchain operating system, with a graphical user experience and a variety of blockchain based cryptocurrency applications.  Usable for anything and everything related to blockchains, while also bringing along all the benefits of existing modern day operating systems!  It is the consolidation of all cryptocurrency applications into one all encompassing blockchain operating system.  The brilliance of this technology is that is is flexible and scalable enough that it can be used or adopted for any purpose related to blockchains. This is unlike other tokenized technologies, it is a buildable, scalable and flexible software that can adopt and adapt to all other existing technologies automatically. This removing the need to manage thousands of tokens, nodes, mining algorithms, on thousands of different wallets or their different respective user interfaces; this all will be integrated into the LNCH Blockchain Operating System published by LaunchPAD. This consolidation of connections to blockchains is unique, and can be used by people who do not want the headaches of dealing with various independent blockchains; the key is to just use one, the LNCH Blockchain Operating System, right out of the box. Therefore, all other open source tokenized technologies will become absorbed and part of the LNCH Blockchain Operating System. In other words, people will not need to run five different computer control centers to run mining or staking on five different blockchain networks, they will only need one, the LNCH Blockchain Operating System. Beside other applications that can already be accomplished in modern day operating systems, which by default are to be included in the LNCH Blockchain Operating System, this all encompassing operating system can be launched at sole discretion of users to accomplish, build and create an all encompassing user experience and robust foundational infrastructure related to all existing and forthcoming blockchain, cryptocurency, and digital economy capabilities and applications.

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