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There’s a golden opportunity in IP addresses! IP addresses enable a vast array of services we use in our daily lives that fuel the billion dollar revenues of advertisers and online marketers, global content providers, social media networks, and so much more.

IP.Gold maximizes the monetization of services delivered on IP addresses. Based on a proven profitable business model, the IP.Gold Ecosystem takes IP addresses acquired and managed by IP.Gold and assigns them to one or more services in a specifically designed revenue generation lifecycle. The IP.Gold Ecosystem is flexible, allowing for multiple services to be delivered simultaneously on a single IP and a single service to be delivered on a long-term basis, depending on the phase in the life cycle. This provides both short-term revenue maximization and long-term revenue stability. The IP.Gold Ecosystem scales easily, so the more IP addresses, the greater the revenue. Best part is, as the IP.Gold Ecosystem is generating revenue on the IP addresses, their asset sale value is increasing.

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