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Mar. 1, 2018

Mar. 21, 2018

750000000 FDZ


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Idea & Token

The idea is very simple – Friendz is aiming to connect companies and social network users willing to promote the companies on their personal profiles. The companies will create direct requests to their loyal users to make some marketing activities (for example, creating and/or posting advertising content) on their pages on such networks as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Medium. Once the activity is done, the user is rewarded by the corresponding company with Friendz’ tokens called FDZ (ERC-20 tokens). Before the content is posted it’s to be validated by two kinds of approvers. Firstly, activity approvers are people with a professional background who check that the company request describing the content creation doesn’t contradict Friendz policy. Secondly, content approvers are people whose experience and skills satisfy specific requirements check that that created content corresponds policies of Friendz and the brand. For their services, both activity and content approvers earn FDZ tokens.
What is important – the company already has the ecosystem connecting brands with the users. For the moment they have a mobile app, a web app, 200+ clients and 200,000+ users. And now their goal is to bring the blockchain technology to the platform to make it secure for both users and brands, more reliable and scalable, and to add transparency to the payment system.
Friendz will create 1,5 billion their ERC-20 FDZ tokens, half of them will be sold on ICO, the unsold token will be destroyed. A FDZ token is equal to 0,067$ USD, and you will have different discount during the first weeks of ICO.


Friendz co-founders Alessandro Cadoni, Cecilia Nostro and Daniele Scaglia are professionals in media and marketing with multi-year experience. The core team includes developers, marketing, sales, operations, and financial specialists. They also have three advisors and established partnerships with The Rock Trading Ltd, IBEX Services and Triboo. The team looks completely staffed with all the necessary specialists, though they don’t advertise themselves.


Again, the project is presented as a win-win scheme for all the participants – brands, users, approvers, and as a result, to investors. The team is fully staffed and already proved that they are capable of implementing the idea, because the ecosystem is working right now and it’s quite successful. ICO investment threshold is only 0,1 ETH that means their doors are open for everyone. Add here advantages of blockchain providing transparency, reliability, and decentralization, and you’ll see the complete picture of Friendz.

A win-win combination of brands and usual social network users that makes advertising sharply addressed and much less annoying.

Friendz is a fast-growing company whose main goal is to connect brands with their target audience, taking advantage of the most powerful marketing tool ever: “word of mouth”.

When we look at what the future holds for us we see global expansion, larger communities of users, more services provided and happier clients.

All this made possible by the use of the blockchain technology and the adoption of Friendz Coins, the new standard currency for buying digital services and activate community of devoted users all around the world.

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