Bringing traceability and transparency into the supply chain management by building a logistics system on the base of blockchain is the main goal of EximChain.







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Idea & Token

Bringing traceability and transparency into the supply chain management by building a logistics system on the base of blockchain is the main goal of EximChain. This will boost the efficiency of all operations in the supply chain networks. EximChain is a software development company founded in 2015 that is currently developing a platform to improve supply chains in such aspects as financing, supplier reliability, and data sharing. The platform is being built for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to receive supply chain financing and for investors to fund such initiatives. The system will be driven by “rules-based applications” customizable by companies by using EximChain SDK. Though the platform is based on blockchain, it will use private smart contracts and keep the transaction information and trade secrets encrypted. The protected history of transactions will allow buyers to verify the reliability of suppliers.
EximChain ERC-20-based token called EXC will be used by SMEs and early adopters to purchase solutions on the EximChain platform, participate in the project’s governance structure, and to pay network fees. 20% of tokens will go to SMEs and early adopters, 50% – platform development, 25% – building the ecosystem, 20% – operational expenses, and 5% – exchange listings.
We also would like to mention that EXC tokens are presented in the whitepaper as assets not for speculation.


EximChain has become widely known as a project led by a team of MIT-trained professionals and supply chain experts.
Hope Liu, co-founder, has her main experience in finance and blockchain technology. Another co-founder Juan Huertas was working for several startups as a technology consultant. The team has also former employees of IBM and Amazon. Ten advisors have expertise in blockchain, supply chain and emerging technologies.


EximChain is a really solid project with an excellent team of top specialists, good product and a lot of hype.
The project won two prestigious prizes at the Boston Seagull Entrepreneurship Contest and the Rice Business Plan Competition and now has more than positive growth opportunity. As possible obstacles we’d call growing competition among supply chain projects, for example OriginTrail we reviewed not so long ago; and implementation of the management system across all supply chain sections.

A project that proved its validity many times and in many aspects, starting from a highly professional team and up to the product implementation.

Supply chains have changed dramatically in recent years, and we believe supply chain management must change too. The tools to overcome traditional barriers such as access to credit, supplier reliability, data sharing, and supply chain visibility are now within our reach. Eximchain provides these tools using state-of-the-art blockchain technology that ensures accuracy, transparency, and security. Eximchain’s tools will power the supply chain of the future by breaking down barriers and integrating actors big and small into an inclusive, transparent, and secure global network.

What problem does Eximchain solve?

Shareholders lost over $5.2 trillion in potential revenue last year due to the lack of transparency, connectivity, and agility in the global supply chain. The technology to correct these inefficiencies exists but remains unavailable to the vast majority of companies engaged in logistics and global trade.

Our Vision: The Supply Chain of the Future

Eximchain envisions a global supply chain where…

  • Buyers can easily verify supplier reliability and reputation
  • Suppliers have access to the credit they need to fulfill orders
  • Partners share demand and inventory information across a common ledger
  • Companies can visualize their entire supply chains, build rules-based applications, and monetize their solutions


Eximchain SDK
The Eximchain SDK enables companies to quickly build customized, end-to-end, supply chain applications with data privacy.

Smart Contracts
Eximchain’s Smart Contracts securely record transactions and analyzes historical data to evaluate supplier reliability for buyers and rating institutions.

EXC & Eximchain’s Native Token

Eximchain’s Native Tokens are used to pay network fees, validate state changes, and execute governance. The Native Tokens will also be used to access applications built on the Eximchain network, such as SourceAssist and solutions developed with the Eximchain SDK.

EXC tokens are ERC-20 compatible. The tokens will be distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract. They are redeemable for native tokens on the Eximchain Platform upon network launch. Following the close of the Token Generation Event, the EXC Tokens will become fixed (non-transferable) on the Ethereum blockchain prior to our Mainnet Network Launch in Q2 2018 when native tokens will be distributed to contributors in the genesis file and become listed on exchanges.

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