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Jun. 1, 2018

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Everipedia is an EOS blockchain-based competitor of Wikipedia trying to overcome its disadvantages. Wikipedia, one of the most popular website in the world, is criticized for being biased because it’s controlled by a small group of editors. They can’t process such an enormous amount of information, therefore it’s outdated. Plus Wikipedia makes no money. Everipedia was created in 2014 as a branch of Wikipedia and is currently listed among 1,000 most popular websites in the USA. They are going to make an open and self-governing network basing only on two obligatory rules – the information must be first – neutral, and second – cited. The rest is up to content creators – anybody can post anything and you no longer need to have approval from the editors. And now it’s time to say that all Wikipedia pages are already on Everipedia, but now they are open and ready to be improved. Every contributor will be rewarded in IQ tokens for creating and/or editing pages, reorganizing the content, suggesting improvements, etc.
The IQ utility tokens won’t be sold on ICO, they will be airdropped to the owners of EOS tokens, and only to those that have EOS in private wallets and registered the tokens before June 1. The IQ tokens will be distributed on a 1:1 ratio. A total supply is at least 1 billion tokens.


Based in Los Angeles, the company was founded by Theodor Forselius and Sam Kazemian in 2014 and then joined by co-founders Travis Moore and Mahbod Moghadam. What is important – the founder of Wikipedia Larry Sanger joined the company as CIO in 2017 and says that he’s excited about the Everipedia project.


The team decided to use EOS as a protocol after the project invested $30 million for Everipedia development. And now, being led by the highly professional team Everipedia will definitely find a way to become an online encyclopedia #1. The only unclear point is the future of the IQ token – its price and how the team will popularize the token in the community.

A blockchain-based killer of Wikipedia.

The online encyclopedia reinvented for the modern age.

Everipedia is the next generation encyclopedia rebuilt for the modern age. With over 6 million articles and counting, it’s already the world’s largest English encyclopedia by content. Everipedia is free from ads and free to use for everyone under creative commons.

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