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Idea & Token

The Engagement Platform is being created by SolidOpinion, a successful company dealing with commenting and advertisement. Since 2013 SolidOpinion is gathering and analyzing user interaction with online content, what people look for, what they ignore, what influences them and why. Here are some numbers to illustrate the company achievements: 4.4+ million registered users, 200+ million views, 18+ million engagements per month, and 100,000 transactions per month. The Engagement Platform was released in 2014 and as you see already has a solid base of users, publishers, and advertisers. This is a huge step forward in comparison with most of ICO projects that have a product at the very beginning of its development.

The Engagement Platform has the following base components:
– An engagement amplifier embedded in the publisher’s website
– An advertiser portal (www.ppacentral.com) that connects advertisers to publishers
– A comment search engine for advertisers to find the most appropriate places for the ads

By using the platform, advertisers can buy targeted comments and headline slots. This way they select content and audience that best matches a required theme, and therefore this ad is much more effective than the legacy ad networks.
One more feature of the platform is the Influencer Marketing engine. It uses an index of all English-language comments which is driven by the CommentsRadar search engine indexing 100 million comments per month and 15+ million commenters. As a result, each commenter has an engagement profile with the comment history and even attitude of the commenter to the theme. This way advertisers find appropriate people and offer them to earn EGT tokens for a task, such as commenting a feature of inserting a link. This technology is already being used on some websites, for example latimes.com and baltimoresun.com. Since the Engagement Platform is a part of the publisher’s website, the ads cannot be hidden by ad-blocking software.
Their ERC-20 token called EGT (Engagement Token) rewards interaction with publisher content. Users will earn EGT for their comments, content, or other activities and will be able to use these tokens to purchase advertising, up-vote commenting or sell to third parties. A total token supply is 1 billion, 400 million is for sale, 600 million goes to the reserve (25%) and partners.


To run the Engagement Token project, EGT International has signed an agreement with SolidOpinion in order to use their technology. SolidOpinion is a global company (14 countries) with 50+ employees. CEO and co-founder of the company Constantine Goltsev previously founded Adotube.com, which was acquired by Exponential Interactive in 2011. Co-founder and President Arthur Meyerovich previously founded Forward Health which was among 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. They also have 4 advisors including 2 blockchain developers. To complete the picture, add here partnerships with Taas and Galaxy Digital.


Engagement Token has positioned itself to achieve early implementation, adoption, and success. We shouldn’t forget that the company is going to a highly competitive advertising market where such technology monsters as Google and Facebook are already dominating. Anyway Engagement Token is based on a successful technology company. SolidOpinion has already proved it’s moving the right way with the expanding customer base, partnerships, and a solid number of monthly transactions. Their main task now is to engage as many as possible major companies on the platform. And if they succeed in it, they have an excellent chance to gain its market part.

Though we see more and more ICO projects targeting the advertising market, Engagement Token is two steps ahead since they decided to build the business by engaging a successful company as a technology basement and therefore has a working and proved product.

The Engagement Token rewards interaction with publisher content. The value of your engagement is set by the site owner through the reward of tokens. Users who earn Engagement Tokens with their comments, content and other online activity can use these tokens to buy advertising, upvote commenting or offering these for sale to third parties wanting to perform such activities on sites making use of the Engagement Platform and Token.

Over the past four years,, The P latform already has fostered the ecosystem of engagement which is created by publishers, their readers and quality advertising. Publishers set the rewards specific to their user base for content interaction. And, advertisers have full visibility into the audience and site activity to place relevant contextual product information in a pay – per – article model.

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