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As a rule, predictive analytics requires complex hardware and software, lots of time for computing and iterations, data scientists, modern data models, artificial intelligence technology, and the last but not the least – money. If you have all of these, you’ll get quite accurate answer to your predictive question. So, nowadays only large corporations can afford this kind of service. Endor is aiming to use blockchain technology and automation to make predictive analytics available for everyone. The idea is based on Social Physics, a new science developed in MIT and dealing with everyday sets of data, for example credit card purchases. By analyzing these datasets you can find human activity patterns and, basing on them, obtain accurate predictive analytics. First of all Endor is targeting enterprise clients. They will upload their data to Endor’s automated “Data as a Service” platform, wait for the data processing (from an hour to a day), and then ask questions to get the required predictions. This engine was already successfully used by Coca-Cola to find out market campaign effectiveness and product adoption, and by Twitter to detect ISIS activists. The list of enterprise clients is quite long, we’d name two more monsters – Mastercard and Walmart. The experience in all of these companies showed that the computing costs were much lower in comparison to the current methods and systems. For end users, the company is planning to use blockchain technology to connect users and data providers in a cost-effective way to make predictive analytics affordable for everyone. If you are sure this won’t be interesting for you as a user, think that you could predict a token price, say, three months ahead. We don’t mean an Endor’s token, we mean literally any token you plan to invest to. This is a privilege that wasn’t available to mere mortals ever before. The Endor’s protocol will allow you to connect to an existing blockchain as well as off-chain datasets. You will pay Endor’s EDR tokens to make a prediction request, and the more complex the request, the higher the price. These tokens will go to analytical data providers who supply the data sets and to those who perform the computations. Most of the generated tokens will be spent on research and development, establishing partnerships (for example, with a world-leading research institute), and purchases of prediction engine technologies.


The team consists of 12 of world-class professionals – data scientists, IT specialists, product experts. Some of them have PhDs, many of them are directly connected with MIT. Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, co-founder and CEO, and Professor Alex Pentland, also a co-founder, both are MIT reserchers, developed theoretical base for the Endor protocol and Social Physics. They also have 8 advisors, top specialists at blockchain technology, data science, big data analytics, and many more. Endor established partnerships with those companies listed above and a number of others among which we’d name two companies connected to blockchain technology – Bancor and Enigma.


The summary is short. A valuable idea, a top team, a strong and weighed vision, a working product, a number of huge enterprise clients. The only thing to pay attention is a lack of information regarding the token and its distribution, but we are sure they’ll do everything better than we expect.

A very strong project bringing the idea of affordable predictive analytics to enterprises and masses. Just ask any question!

Endor.coin is reinventing predictive analytics by democratizing access to Artificial Intelli- gence data analysis, making it accessible, trustless, censorship-resistance and useful for all.

This is achieved through the Endor.coin Protocol, offering the world’s first automated, self-served, predictive platform that allows business users and unprofessional crypto-token holders alike to ask complex predictive questions and obtain high-quality results in minutes. This aims to democratize the field of Data Science, that today is reserved mostly for Fortune- 500 companies. Endor.coin is based on the novel science of Social Physics developed at MIT by the project’s team members Prof. Alex Pentland and Dr. Yaniv Altshuler.

  • Constantly-expanding catalogue of predictions: Endor.coin will be launched with a variety of pre-defined tokens-related predictions (e.g. tokens predicted to in- crease volume, decrease volatility, …). These predictions would be accessible for pur- chase using the platform’s dedicated EDR token. Endor.coin would then expand the selection of predictions it caters by allowing users to send Requests For Predictions (RFP) – suggesting new types of predictions, that would be implemented and become available for purchase.
  • Do-it-yourself API for advanced users: tech-savvy users and professionals would be provided a self-serve interface, allowing them to easily provide a definition of any desired behavioral pattern, having the Endor.coin platform automatically generating a “look-a-likes” prediction of such pattern in return.
  • Automatic fusion of private and public data: Endor.coin commercial customers (such as banks, retailers and insurers) will be able to easily integrate their proprietary data streams with the platform – producing high-quality predictive insights harvested from the fusion of private and public data. Thanks to the use of Social Physics data integration is automatic and friendly – requiring no cleaning or data-preparation.
  • Data Privacy: Guaranteed, due to the unique ability of Social Physics to use data that is fully encrypted at the customer’s side.
  • Predictions by the People, for the People: using Social Physics data is processed once, and users pay only for the personalization component they require, offering the “99%” predictive capability reserved today for tech-giants, for 1% of its cost.

    Endor.coin is rooted in the technological platform of Endor. A Gartner Cool Vendor, recently recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer, Endor is an MIT spin-off financially backed by leading investors such as Innovation Endeavors, working with Fortune-500 companies such as Coca Cola, Walmart and MasterCard.

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