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Idea & Token

Among a number of startups aiming to take a niche in a billion dollar music industry Emanate is going to be a step forward by creating their platform on EOS instead of Ethereum. They rely on such advantages of EOS as decentralized storage, ultra-fast processing, no transaction fees, and smart contracts. Emanate is a music creation and collaboration platform that allows music creators, producers, distributors, and influencers to legally monetize their work by using smart contracts. The platform will have a web app that will allow music producers to securely publish their content on the platform and get a share of listening royalties, the users will discover new sounds, latest tracks, create playlists, follow artists, and be rewarded for playlist creation and sharing. Smart contract collaboration will guarantee royalty calculations and artist payments once two artists share some audio. Emanate will integrate with DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It will have plugins which will bring Emanate sounds and collaborations directly into the DAW, removing file downloads completely. Emanate will also launch an open source API and SDK development program, allowing the entire music industry to access the ecosystem and leverage its power and interconnection. It’s obvious that the platform will guarantee only high-quality audio content and copyright protection.
Their utility token called MN8 will be launched on the EOS platform, but it will be sold via ERC-20. The token will be used in multiple ways. Firstly, all platform users will need to have MN8 to keep accounts active. Music producers will need MN8 to run a record label and to publish official releases. Listeners will be rewarded with the tokens for their plays, as well as for playlist creation and sharing. A total supply is 20 million tokens for the private sale and 88 million for ICO.


The team consists of 8 specialists and looks quite solid. It is led by such people as Sean Gardner (CEO and founder) who has 12 years of creating digital brand communications and technical platforms for top global brands and agencies, Pedro Reis Colaço (CTO and founder) who is a full stack developer with 30 years’ experience and the creator of Dsound, a popular music app which is called by the team as their proof of concept. Emanate has a team of artist ambassadors led by Jordy Dazz and Thomas Olsen, 10 advisors, 3 territory influencers, and 4 partnering artists. In general the entire team seems a sophisticated network of people with top level of the music industry awareness.


The project is led by a strong team of professionals, includes famous artists and music influencers and a man we’d like to pay your attention to – Pedro Reis Colaço who created Dsound that can serve as a proof of concept. The idea of bringing blockchain technology into the music industry looks very logical and rational. Talking about the project disadvantages we have to say that Emanate is only one of several crypto projects in this industry, so they’ll have to struggle for their piece of cake. One more minus is a release date set only for 2020 in the roadmap, they plan to spend too much time for the development. Anyway, if they succeed, the long-term perspective is excellent.

Yet another attempt to combine the blockchain technology and the music industry to make it transparent, fair, and profitable for both music producers and listeners. Being based on EOS and led by an experienced team, the project has a real chance to become one of the leaders in a long-term perspective.

Emanate is a music-creation and collaboration platform that is designed
to transparently reward creators, producers, distributors and influencers in the music industry ecosystem via smart-contracts deployed on the blockchain. The MN8 utility-token is the cryptographic asset that will fuel the Emanate platform.

If the Internet was designed today it would look much more like a distributed blockchain network than a centralised server system(1). Similarly, today’s music industry is disconnected yet highly centralised when it comes to publishing music. Neither are suitable for today’s music, technology and cultural needs. (2)

Many problems exist for artists, remixers, DJs and labels. From the time it takes to get paid for work, to the contractual complexities behind collaborations and the di culty licensing small bits of audio, the nancial structure around the industry impedes progress.

With Emanate, artists, DJs and music in uencers will earn an income in proportion to their contribution by simply uploading their sounds whilst increasing their in uence and notoriety. Emanate will bring passive listeners closer to their favourite artists and help them discover new music, knowing they are directly contributing to their favourite artist’s success.

We recognise that the music ecosystem consists of more than just artists and listeners. Behind many great tracks there are the samplers and audio pack makers; the tastemakers and in uencers; the labels and promoters and we believe it’s critical that those who contribute get rewarded fairly whilst balancing the need to incentivise their audiences and supporters. Why should passive listeners pay the same for their streaming services as someone who actively creates playlists and gives back to the music community?

Emanate has six key components for producers and listeners that are described in this whitepaper:

  1. Web Application for music publishing, monetising and discovery. Tracks created on the Emanate platform will be instantly published for discovery and monetization via listener playback, collaboration with other artists and commercial licensing. Listeners can also earn MN8 tokens in exchange for playlist creation and sharing.
  2. Smart-collaborations. Allow content creators to instantly collaborate with other artists and describe the detail of the collaboration in the form of a smart-contract, ensuring that everyone is compensated fairly for
    their contribution..
  3. Mac and PC studio apps. Music producers will use the Mac and PC application for sound discovery and track management instead of the web app, helping to further streamline the production work ow. These studio apps may becomes nodes in the content network.
  4. DAW integration. The Emanate platform will integrate fully with the Digital Audio Workstation. Sounds, samples and track packages that are shortlisted in the discovery apps will appear in the DAW le browser to be queued and auditioned for tracks.
  5. Audio attribution. Proprietary algorithms will ascribe ownership to rightful creators and will help identify and reward unique music.
  6. MN8 Audio Exchange Protocol. Published audio will integrate with other music streaming services and the smart-collaboration SDK will be open for additional software and hardware integration. The SDK will include a live performance layer which will turn Emanate into the world’s rst real-time audio production and performance marketplace.

Emanate is building a platform rst and foremost for musicians. We believe this is the key to truly revolutionising the way music is created and shared. A better platform for making music means better music is made, which ultimately means a better experience for listeners.

Collaboration, sharing, remixing, posting and playlisting is encouraged and rewarded with MN8 tokens. The threat of a ne for music piracy has not worked (11). The solution is a monetary reward for the right behaviour.

We are united in our desire to create a music revolution.

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