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Feb. 21, 2018

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At they believe, as many analysts nowadays, that data is the most valuable resource in the world. Users’ data are stored on multiple online platforms and controlled and monetized by the corresponding companies. The project is focused on professional data – user’s professional profiles, work experience, education, professional contacts, qualifications, etc. In different life periods we create such profiles on a variety of online platforms, such as job search websites and professional social networks. The goal of is to connect all of these data sources to create your own unified professional profile, keep it up-to-date and to give you complete control over it. Data providers (different online platforms and applications) will send updated professional information to the platform, and data consumers (applications) will pay for access to users’ data. All the stored information will be stored in encrypted form and protected with blockchain technology.
What they have for now is an alpha version of their app, more than 15 million registered users in the network, partnerships with, FundRequest, and SmartRecruiters. All of these three projects deal with professional data, linking professionals with each other or with employers.
Their ERC-20-based token called DOCK is mostly used for payments for transactions with users’ data. Applications are rewarded with DOCK when they share data with other applications. When a user imports their data to a platform, the platform uses DOCK to access the data. The tokens can also be used to vote for future development roadmap of the protocol.


The core team consists of 12 specialists with huge experience in marketing, mobile and web app development, web design, system administrating, building program architecture, and research. Their co-founders Nick Macario and Elina Cadouri previously founded and respectively. Many of the team members worked for, a network of 2.5 million professionals.


In general, the project looks quite strong from both short-term and long-term perspective. What we’d emphasize as project advantages is a good idea, a solid team, an alpha version of the app, and partnerships with companies from the same professional sphere which can stimulate a quick adoption by attracting millions of their users. Consider one more thing to pay attention to. The project has venture capital investors, and if so, the project was already thoroughly investigated and approved before making the investment decision. From the other side, we should mention that the idea is quite small-scale and narrow, and to turn it into life, the team must awake interest in both applications and users.

If you want your professional data to belong to you only, to keep it up-to-date on all online platforms, and therefore to stop losing your professional opportunities, is here to help. is a decentralized data exchange protocol that lets people connect their profiles, reputations and experiences across the web with privacy and security.

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