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Idea & Token

Datareum is a decentralized marketplace that will enable individuals to monetize their personal data, selling it directly to market researchers, academic researchers etc.

DTN is a utility token that will be used for mutual payments and rewards for data providers. The Datareum service takes a small commission. The data providers are rewarded with DTNs through the smart-contract mechanism.


The team consists of 9 people. The profiles are presented on LinkedIn and correspond to real people. Competencies of the team do not raise doubts.


The idea of creating peer-to-peer marketplaces for selling data of ordinary users is very promising, but at the same time complex. The market for such systems is still being formed and Datareum is one of the pioneers.

Datareum focuses on the topic of online surveys. Currently, the alpha version of the product has been announced. The roadmap is worked-out in large blocks up to Q3 2020, the technological part will complete in Q3 2019.

We like that Datareum is attentive to the quality and reliability of the data. This is the cornerstone and Datareum has announced a number of mechanisms how to guarantee this.

Considering the shortcomings, it seems to us that legal risks and technical details are spelled out in the Whitepaper in insufficient detail. The mechanisms for “forgetting” information are not reflected, as well as the mechanism for selecting the right data for the case when all profiles are encrypted for the peer-to-peer architecture. It is also not explained how Datareum technically guarantees the impossibility of reselling data bypassing the platform.

In general, the project looks interesting and promising. A professional team, an excellent vision and a noble goal – to return people control over their data.

Datareum is a decentralized marketplace that will enable individuals to monetize their personal data, selling it directly to researchers, companies, and other interested parties. Built on the Ethereum public blockchain, Datareum’s platform will facilitate this peer-to-peer transaction of sensitive personal information securely, without the risk of hacking. By leveraging incentive mechanisms within the platform, Datareum will ensure the availability of superior quality custom data, providing an indispensable tool for researchers.

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