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Idea & Token

Imagine you can use your mobile phone anywhere, in any region and any country, paying for the calls and Internet traffic the same price as locals do. You don’t need to change your SIM cards, phone number, pay additional fees for roaming, etc. I guess everyone wants it. That’s why this idea and the project itself have become so popular. Bubbletone is aiming to build a telecom ecosystem that would unite mobile network operators, service providers, and end users. The plans are impressive – 1,000 operators, 10,000 service providers, and more than 1 billion of customers every year.
It works as follows. Mobile operators around the world offer their services via smart contracts. These offers become seen in the system and available to consumers and to other operators. Let’s say you are going abroad for some time. All you need is to select the destination country in the mobile app and choose one of the tariffs suggested by a local operator. In about a minute you will be able to use this “foreign” tariff as your own.
The advantages are clear – consumers get cheaper and more convenient mobile communication services and the mobile operators acquire new customers.
Their native token called Universal Mobile Token (UMT) is based on the Graphene blockchain. In contrast to the ERC-20 protocol, UMT has high transaction speed – up to 3 seconds per transaction and the possibility of scaling up to 10,000 transactions per second, and that will be more than enough. UMT will be used to pay for telecommunication services including voice calls and instant messages.


The team is excellent and includes 24 specialists with experience in telecommunication, blockchain technology, payment services, and a number of software developers. Among 11 advisors you will find entrepreneurs, experts in blockchain technology, and crypto investors.


In comparison with other projects of that kind, Bubbletone seems to us the most preferable. If implemented and developed, the ecosystem will save money for the consumers and bring new customers to the mobile network operators. Keep in mind that they already have the mobile app. What you should consider as potential risks is free Wi-Fi networks that become more and more usual. When you have free Wi-Fi you can easily use WhatsApp or other messenger and you don’t even need local mobile operator services. We also have doubts regarding their potential scalability because of unclear business plan and lack of partnership with other companies working on the market.

If you hate huge roaming fees for your calls and Internet connection wherever you go and want to fix this problem with just two taps on your phone, be sure you are not alone. The idea is very attractive, and Bubbletone looks like a project capable of leaving this problem in the past.

For Bubbletone users:
•Make calls and use data during travel worldwide at great local rates with direct connection to local operators
•No need to change your SIM-card or phone number
•Next generation messenger packed with amazing communication features
For mobile operators and service providers:
•Any operator can become global without complex network integrations
•Direct access to international telecom market with millions of new customers
•Increase in revenue through distribution of value-added services
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