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Feb. 14, 2018

Apr. 8, 2018



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Proclaiming itself the first “coin of coins”, Boston aims to bring stability to the crypto investment market.

Stategic. Successful. Secure.
Bitcoin and the majority of altcoins have *zero* asset-backing, meaning that investors could lose everything in the event of a crash. Boston coin is 90% asset-backed, giving investors the opportunity to “trade like a coin and grow like a stock”.
Boston Coin invests in up to 200 of the best cryptocurrencies, as well as up to 200 of the best technology stocks. This gives it an ETF-like structure similar to a mutual fund.

Lower fees. Less risk. Better returns.
Fees are lower than trading individual coins and stocks/shares, and risks are greatly reduced.
Despite the recent 50% drop in bitcoin price, Boston coin has remained relatively stable, due to having only 1% in BTC and 99% in other holdings. Around a quarter of the Boston coin investments went up 130% whilst bitcoin went down.

The team boasts a practising lawyer, qualified financial advisers, early stage crypto adopters and authors of over a dozen books on finance, business, economics, stockmarket and cryptocurrency.
Although the ICO is not controlled by ASIC, SEC or other government regulators, Boston Coin has decided to be transparent with investors and send out monthly reports of assets and performance. How does it get any better than that?

Don’t be fooled by the cuteness: Boston Coin is successful, strategic and secure. Trade like a coin and grow like a stock, with the first “coin of coins”.

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