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May. 15, 2018

Aug. 20, 2018


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1 ARTX = 0.02$

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Articlex is an unique and universal platform where people can easily find out news, read articles regarding every topic and search across all the blogs in the network. It is the first user-customized publishing platform, which enable bloggers to monetize their content and give users the chance to buy required stuff via universal built-in mechanism.
By default Articlex platform provides free hosting, a lot of templates (developers can implement and publish new ones), AD-based monetization systems for publishers, private ADs spaces, integrated wallet with possibility to exchange different cryptos, “donation box”, “sharing” fund, premium subscriptions, etc.
Articlex token (ARTX) follows the ERC20 standard. Publishers will earn in relation to their website’s traffic. Visitors can use the ARTX to buy files (e.g. ebooks) and premium subscriptions.


Simona Stella (CEO & Founder) is the Head of the young team that consists of 6 specialists. Most of them are developers.


Articlex is an interesting and courageous attempt to take a fresh look at the world of bloggers, their work, patterns of earnings, and relationships with readers as well as the readers’ needs. Initially, it seemed to us that nothing new could be found in this topic, but the product offered by the Articlex team turned out to be pleasantly surprising.
Considering disadvantages, we can emphasize the lack of details and low-level descriptions in the Whitepaper. The document perfectly describes the idea, formulates high-level requirements, but does not disclose the internal kitchen of the platform itself, including its architecture, data storage mechanisms, schemes ensuring data security, confidentiality issues, etc.

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