Alt.Estate is a fintech company offering the Protocol for real estate tokenization and the Platform to buy and trade tokenized property assets in fractions.







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Alt.Estate is a platform and a protocol for real estate tokenization. It allows to eliminate third-party brokers, lawyers and banks when you want to buy or sell tokenized real estate assets. Any real estate owner can list his property or any fraction of it on the platform. Fraction can be even one square cm.


The ALT token is a pure utility ERC20 token. It is the fuel on the platform and the right to make decisions through a special mechanism named Platform Governance. Alt.Estate forecasts that token holders can return around 10X in 3 years.


The team consists of 15+ guys and 8 advisors with strong skills in modern IT technologies and different business areas. Vladimir Shmidt (CEO), worked as financial analyst at Renaissance Capital and GE Money Bank. Alexander Popov (CFO), former head of fixed income credit research at Societe Generale Group. Anton Lysak (CTO), founder and CTO at software companies, including ABBYY LS.


What we see is a bold, interesting project that offers a simple and understandable idea, a well-developed business model and strategy. The typical use-cases are described in all details. Whitepaper contains a clear description of the future system, a risk assessment is conducted. The project started in 2017. We checked the team – the profiles of employees correspond to real people and declared competencies. The source texts of smart contracts and other project materials are published at GitHub plus there is already available prototype with 3 apartments tokenized. We assess all of these factors positively and consider them as a serious factor affecting the final score.
The company believes that real estate tokenization on blockchain is the next step in the evolution of real estate investment. We don’t know if this is really true, but the Alt.Estate project clearly has the potential to complete the experiment in its favor. We wish them good luck!

Alt.Estate is a fintech company offering the protocol for real estate tokenization and the platform for buying and trading tokenized property assets in fractions. Using the blockchain technology to disrupt the $217 trillion real estate market, Alt.Estate has a strong potential to become an industry standard for the blockchain-based real estate transactions. A powerful technology stack, a go-to-market strategy with 10x leverage, a working prototype with three already tokenized apartments in key geographies (USA, EU, Japan), and sound community support all position Alt.Estate as a win-win solution for real estate developers and investors. Created by a highly professional team with a background in IT, investment and marketing, who had $400 million worth of real estate deals last year, Alt.Estate benefits from the advisory board with worldwide expertise and transactions in real estate worth more than $3 billion.

Alt.Estate Protocol includes the smart contract technology, corporate structure and legal compliance aspects of property tokenization. It gives all large existing players – real estate developers, brokers, marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms – a turnkey solution for property tokenization with no infrastructure costs. Alt.Estate has already created 20+ smart contracts and a smart contract builder which allows to develop hundreds and thousands of them in a quick and simple manner and to ensure the legal property rights with tokens.

Powered by the Protocol, Alt.Estate Platform is the marketplace for primary sales and secondary trading of tokenized assets. Together with the Protocol, the Platform allows users to trade real estate even in fractions with higher liquidity and lower costs.

Alt.Estate opens the market for the mid-size investors who can purchase shares in 50 Manhattan apartments instead of owning a single expensive one. Crypto investors can now protect their assets from volatile exchange rate by investing them in real estate; crypto traders can build a global real estate portfolio in one click and trade tokens; crypto whales can purchase properties for personal use. Real estate can use a built-in ready-to-use widget to boost sales. Customers – for the first time ever – get a chance to buy property with as low as $100 and get affordable real estate fractional ownership deals. While Alt.Estate gets commission and builds strong sales and marketing via existing large players, leveraging their huge budgets.

The Platform trade turnover is expected to reach $4 billion in the first 3 years. All deals, transactions and fees on Alt.Estate platform will be powered by ALT tokens. The demand for ALT tokens is forecasted to be 10 times higher than the initial token supply.

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