Home appliances for cannabis and various crops cultivation


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Jun. 1, 2018

Jul. 31, 2018

40 000 ETH



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Home appliances for cannabis and various crops cultivation

ATF farms secure the automated growth of cannabis, tomatoes, cucumbers and many more plants. This reaps the full benefits of LED lighting for growing and hydroponics technologies.
ATF indoor appliances need minimal customer involvement during the vegetation process and don’t require any specific knowledge in agronomy or advanced experience.
ATF is the first token that allows the blockchain community to have easy access to advanced technologies in automated agro cultivation equipment manufacturing.

1 thought on “AgroTechFarm

  • Hello, I would like to share my experiences with AgroTechFarm for the benefit of would be fellow crypto investors – I would certainly say this is not a bona fide company and one best to steer clear of.

    I invested in this company’s pre-ICO and did so twice, one of which failed because I’d funded them from a wallet they did not support (agreed that was my mistake). None of their tokens were issued to me, and they were quick to tell me not to worry they would refund that amount. They had committed to get back to me by a certain date, something which they did not do and even now several weeks after that date they’ve never once sent me any sort of communication/update/mail whatsoever. I’ve tried every way possible way to get in touch with them but am being completely ignored – I’ve left emails, messages, and lots of website chats to which no one responds (waited MANY hours over multiple days). Ever since they got their funding they are not interested in having any further communication with me – I guess they figured they got as much as they could off me, so time to pull a disappearing act so they could keep the funds they promised to refund…
    I would say at the very best case this company is highly unreliable, very slow, have a poor sense of looking after their investors and their very own commitments – not the qualities of a small company and staff who inspire the capacity for achieving any success.
    However, given no one at AgroTechFarm respond at all to any means of communication I would say it’s more likely this is a scam altogether.

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