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Jan. 19, 2018

Mar. 31, 2018

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Idea and Token

4NEW – An ecosystem that converts garbage to electricity and applies that to crypto mining.

How it works

Waste gets delivered to the 4NEW site, for which 4NEW receives income. The plant processes waste through a pressurized internal combustion chamber. Gases produced cause turbines to generate electricity and byproducts, which is sold for additional revenue stream. This enables the plant to operate at breakeven and in essence create free energy. The last point acts as a “Catalyst” that unites three industries into a single self sustaining ecosystem whereby production meets consumption:

  • Waste Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Blockchain Industry

As producers of electricity, 4NEW’s annual output capacity of 300,000,000 kWh has been pegged to each KWATT token. Owners of KWATT tokens are in essence holding tokenized electricity which is starkly different from all other energy offerings within the crypto-space. This energy embodied within the token can be applied either to the UK National Grid at the market price of a kilowatt, or it can be applied to the onsite crypto-mining farm in order to facilitate crypto-currency transactions on the blockchain.


4NEW stands out against the general backdrop of IT projects within the crypto-space as an unconventional approach with a comprehensive view towards the largest problem in the long term sustenance and feasibility of the blockchain technology. The voracious consumption of electricity by the blockchain technology can be managed by dedicated power plants focused towards supporting crypto-transactions which will in the long term enable the blockchain to be self sufficient especially in an environment where wide energy gaps are already globally prevalent. The 4NEW solution and ecosystem seems to address three global social crisis in a harmonious manner, whereby, three technologies interact in a single innovative ecosystem, turning a boring recycling business into an exciting crypto-story. A strong diversified team of practitioners with a combined knowledge of 300 years further provide the foundational support to this ecosystem.
The project has already reached the soft cap and gained more than $40M off the $75M of the hard cap targeted to be achieved by March 31, 2018. And that is a real high score.

We do find this project to be interesting and that is why we put a high score

Our product is grounded in necessities, solving two social problems, waste surplus and energy shortfall. Our blockchain platform will be built on top of the underlying treatment infrastructure covering the entire supply chain from collection of waste to generation of electricity to sale of energy units to the national grid or between consumers and industry peers.
Given the utilitarian nature of our services, it is our belief that 4NEW will successfully integrate the blockchain network within the real-world applications of waste to energy conversion with widespread acceptance.

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