Cryptocurrency and ICO news 18.07.2018

Top rated ICOs – the fastest way to compare ICOs

How to make the process of seeking for a good ICO – by the opinion of industry leaders – faster?

ICOcrunch team recently presented a system that aggregates projects ratings from the most common sources, shows them all in one table and calculates an average rating.

It was a first step on the way to develop our service continuously, to make it unique and worth using.

Today, we are proud to present the new feature that will help our users to find that pearl in the ICO-ocean much easier – a list of top rated ICOs by average ratings from all the top ratings distribution services!

There is a new section on our web site – “Top rated ICOs”.

There you can see a list of ICOs with built-in filter of descending summarized mark.

Summarized mark – a sum of aggregated and calculated average ratings from industry leaders.

Average mark – overall average rating of the project based on average rating from each project’s rating provider.

Thus, our users now may see not only average ratings of the certain project, but compare it with others!

Moreover, it will become an incentive for project managers to gain ratings from all the providers, including our independent review.

In our opinion, this feature brings an opportunity to our users to see the picture as a whole without opening several tabs and switching between them. It helps to save time, to compare investment opportunities by the ratings from leaders in the industry of reviewing and monitoring of ICOs!

Thank you for being with us!

This is only a beginning, stay with us and we will bring more features that make our service more user-friendly and useful!

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