Cryptocurrency and ICO news 01.04.2018

Top ICO trends in 2018


After explosive grow of cryptocurrency market in 2017, new tendencies that will define the market development in 2018 are already seen. In this article, we are going to cover them all in order to help you make your further steps on the way to your best investments in 2018.

Public sale decrease

We expect that the number of tokens to be sold on ICOs will decline, and therefore the value of each token will rise. The sales will be shifted to more private token distribution, and public ICOs will decline. Other different investments and trading will take place.

Purposes vs Tokens

Decentralisation is the key feature of cryptocurrency, this is true, but the investors are waiting that the tokens will be available for their intended purposes. At the same time, there is a theory that the tokens are being released at such a speed that the project founders may not be able to deliver on all their promises.

Ability to spend tokens

As plenty of ICOs are still in the very beginning of development, the ability to utilize the tokens is seriously limited. The token owners will see the ability to spend tokens defines the successfulness of the investment. As a result, this ability is one of the key factors the global community will consider when assessing the value of cryptocurrency in general.

Legal problems

In spite of all efforts to help cryptocurrency become a part of our everyday life and real wins in this way, governments around the world resist the integration of blockchain and existing economies. There are still many legal problems that need to be resolved, and the scaling rate of the crypto world depends on these problems in many respects. All upcoming ICOs and the teams conducting them must take into account the rulings of the court and all possible obstacles to make the projects legal and successful.

Investing maturity

As cryptocurrency becomes more and more usual phenomenon, users gain experience and knowledge in this sphere and their investments becomes more rational and thought-out. With new understanding of utilizing tokens, their types, investment value, behavior on market, perspectives, risks, and opportunities, crypto investors becomes professional as never before.

Tech company domination

We expect a plenty of tech companies to conduct ICOs to obtain new funds for development. This becomes an obvious way to make new profits. At the same time we shouldn’t forget that tokenization isn’t a universal way and may not suit some companies.

Questionable Ethereum

Currently Ethereum is the leading platform for a number of ICOs, but they need to take some measures to keep that status. Some companies are already launching their projects on other platforms, and even those founders who are sure Ethereum will continue to be the main resource create backup plans to protect their ICOs.

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