Simple rules to keep your data secure

Nowadays crypto industry attracts large investments, also attracting people, which fraudulently can seize personal data, thus seizing all the assets that person has.

ICOcrunch team presents five most important rules, which may help to avoid frauds and keep your data secure:

1) Always doublecheck the information you have received via E-mail. Scammers can make a message and attached web-site look almost equal to the original one. Go to the official web site, section “Announcements” or contact official representatives not to become a victim of a phishing;
2) Always check the web-site address. There should not be any additional words or symbols, as for example “eȯs.com” almost invisible dot above the o – a diacritic mark. Moreover, you should check the “https” at the beginning, but it does not grand that you are visiting official web site. Do not click on pop-ups, they can appear even on official resources;
3) Never trust those who contacts you personally through messengers or E-mail, claiming they are founders and asking you to give them your personal data for some reason (technical works etc.) and never share your personal info, private keys or any other important info via E-mail;
4) Use firewalls, antivirus software to keep your connection to the internet secure and don’t use public Wi-Fi connection to conduct some transaction;
5) Stay with ICOcrunch.io to know the most important information from the crypto industry and ICOs that worth investing in.

Overall, there can be only one rule – think before each step on your way through crypto world – rapidly developing industry that attracts a lot of malefactors.