Promotion Of ICO Project On Instagram

Cryptocurrency or virtual money is steadily becoming an alternative to traditional financial systems. More and more businesses adopt it as a means of payment, and the global networks that include crypto owners grow with every passing day. One of their growth methods is promotion through ICO projects, and the best way to advertise them is through social media where platforms like Instagram offer unique and efficient marketing tools.


ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, and it is the innovative way through which new cryptocurrencies raise development funds before the release of the coin. It is similar to how companies sell stocks before opening their business. This strategy enables them to gather capital that will help them in the initial stages of their project while establishing a bond of trust with their stockholders and customers.

Most ICO projects use crowdfunding to increase their capital. And to promote their crowdfunding projects, they go to social media where they can reach a large audience and send their message across to as many people as possible.

One of the most used social media platforms for promoting ICO projects is Instagram. The network that enables you to share photos and videos for free with friends and potential customers is currently attracting over 500 million active users every day. It is the perfect venue for advertising your cryptocurrency and boosting the interest of crypto owners before you launch the coin.


The first cryptocurrencies appeared almost a decade ago and ever since they have grown to an impressive number. The market is witnessing new coin releases every week, so if you are planning to launch one anytime soon, you will face stiff competition.

Without promotions on social media like Instagram, you have very little chances of developing a successful ICO project and launch a highly-popular coin. Even celebrities take to Instagram to fund their ICO projects, regardless of their worldwide notoriety. In 2017, one of the best boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather used his Instagram account to announce the release of a similar project. So, you can understand that your real-life persona does not help you very much without solid social media promotion.

You can start promoting your ICO project on Instagram by:

  • Starting a new account for your ICO project
  • Insert links to your website and the crowdfunding platform of your choice on your bio page
  • Add the image of your current coin to your profile
  • Post only high-quality content about your ICO project
  • Make sure you post frequently to have people talk about your ICO project

These are just a few of the must-make initial steps that will help you build a solid promotional profile for your ICO project on Instagram. Next, you will need to become a permanent presence on the platform. You will have to respond to every query about your project that comes from your audience. You will need to grow a significant following and advertise your future crypto to as many people as possible.


The Instagram algorithm transforms your account into a feasible, popular profile if you have a large number of users talking about you. The more people follow you and engage with your posts the more people will see you when opening up their feeds.

Building a large audience is difficult, and it may take you months or even years in a row. To cut this time significantly short, you may choose to buy active Instagram followers and see your ICO project increase in popularity at a stunning pace.

Instagram lets you reach hundreds of millions of people at the touch of the button. You must use it in the best and quickest possible way to make sure that you build a large enough audience to develop a successful ICO project.